How can i get tickets

May 26, 2013 by toughguy44

Havw a time share in Cabo during Sammys birthday, how can we get tickets?

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So bummed, going to Cabo in Oct for my hubbies 40th b-day and probably won't get tix for us all if this is the case...

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it generally takes an act of congress, devine intervention of your Deity of choice, selling your first born, the stars all aligning when Haleys Comet comes thru and pure dumb luck on the days pigs fly. LOL...its tough. last year some people, like me, got NO tickets at all. While others got tickets for multiple shows. Seems to me if a name is picked for a show, they should then pick from those who didnt get picked. But that doesnt seem to be the way it went last year. Good luck to everyone.

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This year according to a post by admin general show tickets will be done by a lottery drawing system. There will be an announcement as to when you can enter into the drawing and you wait to see if your picked. If you are then you can buy tickets for the show(s) in which you were selected. The other type is show/dinner and those go on sale at the venue first come/first serve. They usually do day 1 and 2 grouped together and then day 3 and 4 the next day. I am guessing an announcement coming in the next two weeks to a month.