im a first timer...... help!!!!!

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im a first timer...... help!!!!!
go sammy!!!!!

My dream has always been to go to the Bday bash for my Bday and hang with Sammy!!!!! How do I get started in finding tickets and a place to stay????

Please help

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Thank you SO much for your reply... I am registered for all 4 shows... I guess now we just wait and see...

CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The ticket part will depend on whether your wanting just show tickets or the dinner/show combo tickets. If your wanting just show tickets they will make an announcement with links to enter yourself into a drawing. You will then have to wait and see if your picked and then be able to purchase tickets. The dinner/show combo ones are sold at the venue on a first come/first serve basis with an announcement to come on those.

The place to stay really depends on what your willing to spend. I can only give some places that are favorites. They are the RIU Santa Fe, RIU Palace, Hotel Finnisterra, Pueblo Bonita.