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Debra Carlin- Erickson
June 10, 2010
Lakewood, WA.
December 16

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Aug 29, 2016
birthday bash 2016

well 3rd round bday bash ticket lottery seems to have left me without tickets. I am bummed !! Cabo will happen with or without tickets !!I'm looking forward to seeing my redhead family <3

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Aug 10, 2016
birthday bash 2016

well, I didn't get chosen for the first round of bday bash ticket lottery. I am hoping for some good luck in the 2nd chance lottery. Come on Sammy gods show me some love <3

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Oct 1, 2012
birthday bash shows

well i was so excited to get the 2nd round ticket message,only to see a 2nd message saying since i registered the first time for more than one show i'm not allowed to try for 2nd sale due to getting tickets for one show already.i'm so crushed, i thought i'd have a 2nd chance?!well, to all my redhead family that have not ,i hope ya'll get some redlove in the sammy 2nd round for bash <3 C U N CABO! debbie

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Jul 30, 2012
redrocker birthday bash

hi, i'm a bit confused-my profile here says i'm going to the 7/9/11th shows and has my profile pic on those dates,but i was only sent a message that i have ticket's for the 11th and charged for the 11th.i hope they posted it right, that i got three shows and will be notified of the 7/9th shows being charged to my c.c. by some sammy gods miracle this week still?!hoping and praying for good news.<3 debbie carlin -erickson

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Jul 30, 2012
birthday bash 2012

i only got tickets for the 11th/ 10-2012 birthday show ,if any one has two tickets for any of rest of show's hit me up please i'm bring my bff to cabo for the first time and hope for more than one show if possible.thanks redlove to all debbie carlin-erickson

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