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January 08, 2015 by flstcman 
Who's going to Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp?
Who's going to Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp?

Looking forward to rockin' out with some fellow Redheads! Who's going to Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp in Las Vegas?

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January 07, 2015 by kidkps 
Lake Tahoe

Is Sammy not playing Tahoe this year? He has a show scheduled in North Carolina on May 2nd!!!

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January 07, 2015 by danielw075 
I created Sammy Hagar on WWE2K15 on PS3...

My tag on PS3 is WISSRAT
, I have WWE2K15 and all DLC so far.

"Will post photo soon of my creation."

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January 07, 2015 by admin 
RIP Liza Cozad-Lauser
RIP Liza Cozad-Lauser

I'm very sad to hear about the passing of my dear friend David Lauser's wife, Liza. I've known only a few people in my life who have had to go through a heartbreaking ordeal in their lives with this level of dedication/devotion.

Even when it looked like there was no hope they both kept the faith and the fight. God has and will bless them both I'm sure. Sammy and family.


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December 28, 2014 by Gordon Dix Jr 
Icanentertainment1 White Cliffs Of Dover

Hello down can't download a picture, having some problems finding from reseting my computer recently. But I have an EP recorded here on Vancouver Victoria BC with 2 friends sang, played 2 acustic tracks on each of these songs. Each of 4 songs as a tribute to each of The Beatles for all the memories they gave us, just 3 of us in 5 days. On CD BABY giing no where on this label. I being 66, my drummer Al Morrison 66 ex member of David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen / Ray Harvey ex member of Kick Axe 57. Hey man you can get a shot of my pictures on Icanentertaiment1 & listen to the 4 tunes.

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