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June 02, 2015 by Betty Rowlette 
Upcoming Birthday Bash in Cabo


I have been trying to get to your birthday bash in Cabo San Lucas for a long time. This year I am planning the TRIP OF A LIFETIME to be there to celebrate my birthday with the Cabo Crew.

My problem is that I have to schedule flights and rooms in advance and have no dates for the event.

Do you have a schedule out here that I can find to get my tickets or a dates that the Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash is happening?

I will be treating myself since it is my 60th birthday that month and I just graduated from college.

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May 31, 2015 by caribbeanqueen 

Here are my thoughts :)
CABO was hit with a devestating storm , aside from the resorts being damaged, those wonderful folks that greet us with their beautiful smiles and try their hardest to make our experience the best, suffered the most, some lost their homes and many lost their ability to care for their families losing their Incomes. Sammy stepped right up and did his best to make sure they had what they needed to recover :)

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May 30, 2015 by dsve 
Birthday Bash 2015

Anyone able to give advice for getting tickets for the birthday bash 2015. We're celebrating our 15th years of marriage and will be in Cabo the 6th-13th of Oct. Hopng to see Sammy perform one night.

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May 26, 2015 by aemathes 
Sammy's Show on June 20th

My nephew turns 18 on May 30th. He is handicapped but can play a hell of a tune on the electric guitar! He is attending your show on June 20th in Ohio. I was wondering if there is anyway he can bring his guitar with him to get is signed by "anyone" even if Sammy or Michael could not do it. His father bought him FRONT ROW CENTER STAGE SEATS for this show so he can See and Hear everything clearly!

If I can't get the guitar signed for him, I understand, but can you let me know if they will let him Bring his Guitar into the show?

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May 21, 2015 by bettys091 
Happy Birthday to all my fellow May 21st Redheads!

Happy Birthday to all May 21st Birthday Redheads.

Saw Sammy in Tahoe as early birthday gift. Both shows ROCKED! Early flight back to Colorado Sunday am :-(

Sammy - please come to Colorado (Colorado gets you HIGH)

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