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October 25, 2014 by nflrob 
Bday Refunds

Update for your redheads that couldn't make the vegas show. I received my refund today for my Bday tix. So thanks to staff for organizing everything. Hope to be in Cabo next year!!

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October 23, 2014 by music69 

Sammy is differently not to BLAME! If you go under the events for Bday Bash it states Cabo transfers to RED ZONE Also stating we will be part of the PARTY PIT and PRIME VIEW of the stage. That right there shows Sammy was taking care of us fans!! No where does it misrepresent to get VIP that was all the DVL doings. That's why I didn't even mess around with up grading! I knew Sammy would take care of us. Plus he gave us all free down load of his CD Lite Roast! Sammy is truly about his fans and having fun! No way is this about the money maker like the guy that owns the D!!

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October 22, 2014 by music69 

Just WOW what a BLAST!! Sammy you sure know how to throw a Rock & Roll Bday Party!! The energy we felt from Sammy, The Circle, and Chickenfoot was AMAZING!! All of you guys were having a good time and we felt it! Sammy you truly are an AWESOME RED ROCKER to your RED HEAD FANS!! You gave us a night we will never forget!! Plus just for the GOOD man you are in general to your family,community ,and fans!! I might never get to meet you or get an autograph from you but is that what it's really about ( not saying I wouldn't love that moment HA!!) but it's all about ROCKIN OUT WITH YOU!!

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October 22, 2014 by tuff2bkris 
What a disappointment!!!

My husband and I were so excited to finally get to see Sammy Hagar but there was nothing but regret and disappointment.

My husband and stepson were at the meet and greet on 10/18/14 because my stepson won tickets on KLOS. My husband and I have been a fans of Sammy Hagar since he was 13 and I was 15 (age 52 & 53) and when my husband asked for Sammy to sign a Chicken Foot cd, Sammy stated that he isn't signing anything, however not 2 minutes later he is signing some stuff for other fans. It's because of your fan base that you have made it and became so famous.

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October 22, 2014 by stwrogers 
Cabo Refunds

Hello all. Just wondering about the refunds for those of us that had to miss the rescheduled Bday bash. Hated to miss it. I hear it went off! Anyway, we are going on 2 weeks so I wanted to see if there are any updates on the refunds.


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