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November 19, 2019 by Uncle D 
Cabo Wabo Single Barrel Reposado

Hi all
My first post from Uncle D
I have this bottle of Cabo Wabo and was wondering if anyone had information on it.
I found out the the 2006 Single Barrel #100-18 was special so I’m wondering it this
2006 Single Barrel #100-16 bottle is actually something different from the Costco bottle
or the same release just a different barrel
Uncle D
Tequila Collector

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November 03, 2019 by joannaames 
Cabo in February!!!

Hey Sammy!!! There is two of us women that are graduating with our Master's Degrees as Nurse Practitioners and celebrating by taking a cruise out of Long Beach that stops in Cabo San Lucas on Monday, February 3rd. It is on our bucket lists to drink tequila with Sammy!!! You should meet us there !!!!!

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October 16, 2019 by Wilson_Alexandre 
Hey Sammy! - Have you tried drinking the our brazilian cachaça?
Hey Sammy! - Have you tried drinking the our brazilian cachaça?

Hey Sammy - Have you tried drinking the famous "Brazilian cachaça"? A drink that should be taken very moderately and made from sugar cane. This drink is also an ingredient to make the famous "Caipirinha" (kipeereenhaaa). I will teach you.
1 liter of cachaça (sugar cane alcohol)
5 lemons
6 flat spoons of sugar

Pour every liter of Brazilian cachaça into a large mug. Squeeze all 5 lemons (already peeled, because otherwise it becomes bitter) in the same container where you poured the cachaça. Add sugar to your taste or no sugar.

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October 13, 2019 by vegasvixen 
Happy Bday

Dear Redrockers general admission is just what it states... DOESNT MATTER IF YOU GET THERE AT 6 OR 9 if you are at the front or work your way to the front dont kick fans out. WE'RE ALL there for the same have a good time and celebrate Sammy. So tell me did you get picks and sticks and set list after kicking me out???

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October 13, 2019 by cabobenito61 
Happy B-Day Sammy, Bonne Fete Sammy

Happy B-Day Sammy ! 72 rocking years old !
, and keep rockin' it.

Bonne Fete mon cher Sammy, bon 72e Anniversaire, de ton ami Benoit, de Montreal, Quebec, Canada .

Hope to see you in Cabo in 2020 if we can get selected. I missed the old way, it was a fun party all night in the sandy sidewalk.

I can make another road trip, once more, I just don't care, I want to have another great F&%$# Time

Thanks for all the good memories you brought to me in my life, you are simply marvelous to rock every night like you are doing !

With love....Benoit xxx

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