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October 21, 2014 by JBall Detroit 
Vegas Bday Bash
Vegas Bday Bash

Just got back home from Sammy's belated birthday bash in Vegas! I must say that it was WELL worth it! By far it was one hell of a show! Sammy sounded GREAT, show was AWESOME!
I was able to get close and enjoy the sound check hours before the show. Seen and heard all the guys up close!
Sammy happy birthday and again I must thank you for ANOTHER Hagar night filled with rock n roll and Redrocker Attitude! You've never let me down as a TRUE REDHEAD! You are the man who DEFINES ROCK! thanks again!
JBall Detroit

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October 20, 2014 by nflrob 
Ticket Refunds

Vegas sounds like it was a blast! Congrats to those that were there!! on another topic, Has anyone had their credit cards refunded yet for those that couldn't make Vegas? Could Admin post something regarding this please? Thankyou

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October 20, 2014 by Craiger 
2014 Birth Day Bash (Viva Los Vegas)

2014 Birthday Bash Viva Los Vegas was a blast, had so much fun. I think this event was a big hit @ DLV, maybe it should become a annual party.......just saying

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October 19, 2014 by krisfoss 
2014 bday bash shirts 4 sale

I have some extra 2014 birthday bash shirts for sale if anyone is interested.

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October 19, 2014 by wonderfulred 
Las Vagas Birthday Bash!!!

I had an amazing time at the birthday bash!!! Sammy always gives 100% at all
his shows and this one was no different. I was in line at 9AM so I could be front of stage... It was so worth it!!!
Thank you Sammy and Friends:)

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