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July 19, 2016 by Paul W 
Business Opportunity

I have a great business opportunity that I thought Sammy might be interested in. Being a phenomenal musician, he is also a big business visionary guy. And I admire this.... Rockstar by nite - business mogul by day !

It is something I think can be very big with the right marketing, distribution and exposure.

Targeted at the beer and alcohol market - this product will enhance your drink with phenomenal taste!

If you are interested I would love to describe this is in further detail.


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July 19, 2016 by Scott fen 
Birthday bash

Well what is going on with the birthday bash. Sitting here anxiously waiting. Come on Sammy. Let's get this draw underway. Good luck to all in the draw. Long live Sammy.

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July 18, 2016 by amyjdeo 
Fake Sammy Siting

Last Saturday went to Boston concert at Pacific Amphitheater in Orange County. The isle was blocked with a huge crowd. It was irritating and it didn't seem like any of the security was going to do anything about it even though there was one right next to me. I just wanted to get to my seat. Then my husband said it was Sammy Hagar. When I see someone famous I try not to be one of those annoying fans who worship them.

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July 17, 2016 by lilreddevil 
Eagles fly

My brother loved a lot of things, hot women, Harleys, his Semi and listening to good music. My first concert got a chance to see the Red Rocker with the coolest brother in the world. He passed away monday in a accident in his semi in GA. Today we pay respect to a man that meant the world to a lot if ppl. While we do this and tomorrow when we spread his ashes just a good feeling that Eagles Fly will be playin i the background like he wished

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July 14, 2016 by AWD77 
Account Weirdness

Had an account but it got unhinged somehow. Oh well i have plenty of emails i can use!! I'm glad to be back!!

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