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July 08, 2015 by C RENEE SERATT 
Luvin' my Sammy

All I can say is I'm a 53 yr. old woman and I've seen Sammy 22 times. I lived in the bay area of California. A lot of day on the greens...Oakland Colesium....and many other places. I can remember one time Sammy came to the end of the stage sat down w/ a little keyboard and told us it was the first and last time he'd ever play this song...he started playing "Sittin' on the dock of the Bay;" by Otis Redding. HOT!!!!! I have his it. My mom went to Mexico w/ my sister in-law and they went to Cabo Wabo for me and brought me pic's. and souveniers...Still luvin' my Sammy.

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July 07, 2015 by richard dushny 

the show was everything i expected and more!

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July 07, 2015 by Yayancy Bassman 
Yancy "Yancman the Bassman" seeking gig...
Yancy "Yancman the Bassman" seeking gig...

Hello fellow Redheads! This is The Yancman. I'm currently without a Band. Cut my teeth on Bay Area Rock aka Montrose, Slammin Sammy, Journey, Night Ranger Etc... Im seeking a groovin Heavy Rock Blues Based Road band so I cab shake the cobwebs off my Ampeg Cabs! Lol! Is this OK to post this on here??
Thanks Redheads!

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July 07, 2015 by Beavis 
My wish!
My wish!

Sammy, when the time comes, and I'm not wanting it to or suggesting it will soon; please do us Redheads a favor:

Put together a final tour that includes a larger group of the musicians you have toured with to recreate the awesome sounds of your live albums.

I love listening to the live albums such as Right Here, Right Now, and Live Hallelujah.

When I listen to these albums and hear the keyboard, harmonicas, etc... I realize how much they add to the songs, and how much they add to the experience!

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July 06, 2015 by Angel Gifft 
asking for an autograph

please tell me how to get an autograph

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