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July 12, 2014 by snortsdad 
VIP Tickets (2) Available for Tahoe Show Sat Aug 16th

Not looking to make any money on these, but just thought I'd offer them up to fellow Redheads before going the eBay or craigslist route. Bought these with full intention of attending the show, but unfortunately now not able to make it. Asking $175 for the pair. After Ticketmaster's silly fees, I paid $169.50. The $175 includes Priority Mail to you. These are hard tickets in hand, so none of the "meet me before the show" or "tell the casino will-call I sent you" games here.

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July 12, 2014 by nflrob 
Thanks Sammy and Staff!!

Just wanna say a huge thanks to the staff here for putting all this together. It must be tons of work dealing with all the entries. Also Thanks to Sammy for always putting on his Bday Bash so us fans can go party with him!!! See you all in CABO!!!!!!!!!!! FIDC

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July 10, 2014 by bob087 
How the tickets SHOULD be done.

I posted this 4 years ago and hoped that admin would see it and adjust. It's really a simple solution and is very fair.

Ticketing Idea for next year:

Sammy has been so wonderful through the years to reward his most loyal fans with free shows on his Birthday! It really shows what a great guy he is and it’s a testament to all of us Readheads that we would spend the nights in the street to party with him on his birthday.

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July 08, 2014 by VeryCherry 
Sammy's Bday Bash... no tix :(

We will be in Cabo during the bday bash... flights booked, hotel booked, only thing we don't have is tix to the show! dang! Hoping for a 2nd chance!

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July 08, 2014 by SGT68 
Cabo bash

Well this being my first time I thought it would be prudent to reserve my room for the annual B day bash. I didn't realize how the tickets would be disrtibuted until after the fact. I registered for the random drawing and guess I didn't get mine. Any suggestions besides party in the streets?

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