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October 08, 2014 by ilenenice 
2015 Birthday Bash - Show the flick Go There Once Be There Twice

Hi Admin!

Please see if Sammy can play the movie Go There Once Be There Twice while at the Las Vegas Birthday Bash. This would be a great time for those of us who have not seen it to view it. I for one am in it front row with my husband in some of the movie! Please Please see if it can be done!


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October 06, 2014 by slotw777 
Help To Say I Am A Live Thanks to 5150

PLEASE help me find and address or some way to say thank you i can not fly 30 years is a long time am alive thanks to 5150 record have been trying 30 years to write to SAMMY to say thank you for saving my life I live in NJ now i am handicap only go to shows in NY.NJ where he is not here this year Please how do i thank him was at the house of blues in AC NJ for meet and greet But i could not walk that fast to the stage please help me Please this is my 33 times i am asking for help ANY ONE it would be great

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October 01, 2014 by redrocker327 
Las Vegas Hotel

Hello Fellow Redrockers,
I am looking to book my hotel for the show on the 18th. I have been scouring the hotel websites, but thought I would post something here to see where others are staying.

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October 01, 2014 by CaboNFall 
Give to Live

How about an acoustic version of this with proceeds going to Cabo Hurricane relief????

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October 01, 2014 by kathy_matejcek@... 
Las Vegas ... here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to celebrate with the Red Rocker!!!! Thanks for giving us the chance to join you in Las Vegas on October 18th!!! Can't wait!

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