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July 24, 2017 by Bassassassin 
Redraw for tickets question?

Greetings All
Does anyone know if those who won tickets, are put back in for the draws for subsequent shows after the Aug 7th deadline? Had my name pulled for the first show and just wondering if there's a chance that we may get another shot at nights 2, 3 and 4? Just trying to figure travel plans.

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July 23, 2017 by CRLoyd 
Heading to the Bash
Heading to the Bash

Reservations are done!!! Cabo virgin. I will be the one dressed in red!

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July 23, 2017 by kcrules69 
Non Bash Winners-"PARTY"

For all us who did not get Ticket's for the Birthday Bash and you are still coming to Cabo, we can have our own "PARTY" at the Cantina or anywhere else around town. If anyone is interested we can have it 10/7,10/8,10/10 or 10/12/2017 the off days or even on show nights. Give your input, lets make it happen in Cabo..

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July 22, 2017 by kathrynj1013 
Any news yet?? Has ANYONE received an email yet? Can't wait to celebrate my 60th on Sammy's 70th!!!

Please post a reply if you received an email for birthday bash tickets

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July 22, 2017 by edwards097 
Maybe we all win....

I'm just thinking. What if he did get the 20,000 seat venue or something like that and it was kept under wraps and we all get emails tomorrow saying everyone wins. Wishful thinking I guess.... FDIC 2017

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