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September 24, 2019 by Shorty81 
Looking for Oct 9th or 11th tickets in Cabo!!

I am getting married in Cabo in October and just saw that this show is happening! Please contact me at or 850-418-3545 if you want to sell your tickets! Please!

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September 24, 2019 by NorCalMom 
South Lake Tahoe

Celebrating 41 years of marriage by surprising my husband with tickets !! Our date music was Sammy when in Fontana CA and still is. Looking forward to a great night

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September 24, 2019 by StringwizzardHH 
HighTide 2019 cancelled - even more Party !!

Hi Red Rocker Community, we are Mega Sammy Fans since years from Hamburg - Germany Heiko and Franky, and we will stay from 26.09.- 02.10. in Los Angeles - Hollywood, due to High Tide cancellation we are still party on. We still hoping, that Sammy find a way to satisfy his fans from all over the world to have taken this away and have spared no expense.
Is there some of you Red Heads interested during staying in LA to
have little party with us, with good rock music and cabo tequila ? If it fits, maybe starting on 27.09. in the cabo wabo catina ?

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September 23, 2019 by Willy 

Myself along with many Sammy and rock and roll fans are sadly disappointed for the handling of this cancellation. When you plan a trip, buy hotel, air, and show tickets and find out 1 week prior to the show about the cancellation. Another show in Cabo does nothing for the fans that have to plan and travel. Besides it’s about impossible to get tickets in Cabo. Been there 3 times over your Birthday Bash. Why can’t you find a venue to play in Cali this weekend? You realize most people will still be making the trip down there.

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September 21, 2019 by kphorvath 
High Tide Beach Party

Well after almost a year of planing, booking, Aranging a House rental, Plane tickets, Not to mention the cost for my other activities. This was the biggest let down that I have ever experienced . I feel like I have been taken ripped off. ( Can you say fire festival ) Maybe not as bad but how much money did someone make with the interest on the money the collected ?
Been A fan of the Red Rocker since Montrose. I am just floored by this miss managed show, And Sammy a business man that he is to let that happen !

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