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July 16, 2024 by micah_harrison_... 
Led Hagar

Got my money's worth.
Sammy, you are still the GOAT rocker.
The BEST rock and roll singer in my book.
Still a reservoir full of grit and mo-jo.
Jagger ain't got nothing on the Red Rocker.
Brought the Misses w/ me. She didn't know what to think of more than 12,000 crazy fans. Been too long for me since I last saw you rock. Glad you came back to spend a night in Georgia. Also, thank you Mr. Anthony, "Satch," Rai, and "Bonzo" Jr.
-Would it hurt to play some "Led Hagar" to honor his Dad?"

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July 13, 2024 by pwjohns 
Best of all worlds

Love Van Halen ♥️ I was excited to see the show and it started out awesome Joe best person for the job. Since this was tribute tour I really was expecting all Ven Halen songs. This reminded me more of the circle minus Vic Johnson. 1st show under their belts. I think people are going to be disappointed. Adjustments needed

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July 11, 2024 by ted.miloch2@gma... 
Best of Both Worlds Opening Night


welcome to Florida!!!

any chance you need some Fans for the Pre-show warm up at Jason's house? If not, see you all Saturday.

also, will you be singing items during the tour??



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May 05, 2024 by mavelousmadge 63 
Won’t Miss It!

This is gonna be an EPIC concert!
Best of Both Worlds!
Front row!

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April 24, 2024 by kcrules69 
Birthday Bash 2024 RedHeads

Its all most that time again as we go Crazy to get tickets, we need to get the biggest crowd to Cabo in 2024..Lets Do it..

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