Past Event

Jul 18 2003
Tweeter Center
Tinley Park, Illinois


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to MichiganMike aka MM for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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The show was kick ass it was not long enough but still a great red rocker show. I wish they were commin back but this time as the headliner so they could play longer.

see ya
-big john


Sammy did an awesome job when I saw him in Chicago this summer! I liked his cabo wabo cantina props in the background. I also liked that he sang van halen songs. Keep on rockin'!!



Sammy was awsome in Chicago on the 18th.Me and about 17000 other people feel the same way.It just wasn't LONG ENOUGH but for the hour in a half it was so rockin.I've seen Sammy 9 times and each and every time its a rockin night.I got good seat for the St.Louis show can't wait Because THERES ONLY ON WAY TO ROCK!!!!



The setting was absolutely outdoor theater just out side Chicago, around 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky. This was day one, of a two day Loopfest (the Chicago Classic Rock Station. Tonite featured: 38 Special, Sammy and Journey. 17,000 people, including my wife and I, were there to ROCK. And that's exactly what we did.

Sammy's set was similar to the previous shows, only shortened a little due to three acts tonite. The opening "There's Only One Way To Rock" really pumped the crowd up, and they were chanting Sammy just about all nite.

Sammy's onstage fanatics looked so unbelievably happy, and excited. Sammy is the most unique rock and roller EVER. He doesn't need the money. He only performs for us fans, and NO ARTIST has EVER treated his fans with the respect that Sammy does. Sammy has created so many unforgettable memories for so many people. And I can't wait til next Tuesday when my cousin Tom and I drive to Detroit to become one of the fanatics.

Sammy.....THANK YOU. You are definitely the GREATEST performer of ALL TIME.

Peace all.....Eddy Crews


The show at the Tweeter Center on Friday night was awesome! I have been going to shows since 1982. This time through town, I took a friend who had some reservations about seeing Sammy. Needless to say, he was not disapointed! The setlist was awesome, the only downside was that it was part of a local radio stations summer festival and that cut the show down to an hour and a half. But hey, it is Sammy! The band sounded great, Sammy was in rare form and everyone in the audience was part of the party. It was another awesome show in Chicago. I am certain that the only person who left disapointed was ME!

I bought tickets early to make certain that I was close to the stage, as always. We walked in to the arena without even a quick patdown, grabbed a cold one and headed over to our seats. Wandered around for a while as the opening act played. Walked back to our seats right as the mariachi music started. At this point, I took out my camera to get a few pictures so that this review would have an image or 2. Within seconds, the security escorted me from my seat to security who proceeded to smash my memory card and pocket my batteries! I was lucky enough to be able to check my camera and return to the show, only missing 1 song. These same 2 also made it a point to keep those getting down, dancing and having a good time from having too much fun! At least 3 times, I watched my buddy "Joe Security" stop people from throwing t-shirts and banners on the stage!

But that is insane, I recall being at the DVD show and there were enough of those little LCD screens popping up everywhere. (Watch the video) The people on stage, as well as to the left and right of me with cameras were not hassled either. Banners, shirts and other 'itmes" made it to the stage without a hassle! I also recall Sammy wanting to keep the whole Cabo Wabo set a "secret" so that the shows could continue to be played in small venues instead of arenas and stadiums. I was set to add an item or 2 to my "wardrobe" from the t-shirt stand. I couldn't even do that! There is no way I was going to buy anything else at the stadium knowing that somehow or other they were getting another penny of mine. I was already out $50 in memory card and batteries and the chance to have my pictures posted on for everyone to share! Even if the venues cut is only a penny a shirt, they aren't getting that penny from me. I will buy online!

Once again, the show was terrific! I can only hope that the next time through Chicago, the show is played at a venue without a brigade of "rent-a-cops" giving everyone in the audience a hard time!



I would have to agree with the other reviews that as usual Sammy was awesome! I have seen Sammy at many venues including a few times in Cabo
during the birthday bash and he has always put on a great show. But I must say that this was my least favorite venue of any I've been at. I was
dissapointed that Sammy could only play a short set because of the other bands ,Sammy even said at the show he wasn't used to it. Also the gestapo style tactics of the security was out of hand. I was second row center for the Sam and Dave show at Alpine Valley last year and everyone around me had cameras. This year I scored second row off to the side and brought my camera so I could send some photos into the web site. At least my camera got checked and not confiscated or broken like others I had seen. I also guess it was wishful thinking, but I just figured if three members of "Planet Us" were playing the same venue they might jam a tune or two together. Anyway it was still a great show. Hopefully I'll be able to hit one of the last three shows and see Mike and Montrose and experience great music with more fan friendly security.

-Tony Chemer