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Nick Masini
June 11, 2010
Rock Falls, IL
June 8

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Jul 30, 2012
birthday bash!

got tickets for the 9th! i really hope that this system was set up that once you got tickets to a show your name was kicked out. i know that sounds mean and i KNOW there are a lot of people that go every year and have been for a long time. this will be are 6th trip. but to me the fairest thing to do now that its gotten so big is limit how many shows you get to see. i still say they sound sell them 1st come 1st serve(limit 1 show) for first 3 shows then give the 13th out old school, standing in line. i'm happy to have gotten 1 show and feel bad for anyone that didn't.

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Dec 11, 2010
Go There Once Be There Twice Party

MAN! I wish I was goin tonight. Have fun all! Hope to see some pictures and hear some stories!

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Oct 13, 2010
Happy 1013!!

Happy 1013 Sammy! Was there for the 8th it kicked ASS!Glad you are feeling better. Or at least "Good Enough"! We fans are lucky! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Aug 2, 2010
Oct. 8th !!

Got tickets to the 10/8 show . couldn't be more happy bout the new system . I said earlier this week I very much respect the many people on here that go every year . I've been three times since 2003 . Last time there we didn't get into one show . long story but getting there 2nd week can make it hard . I for one think Sammy plays many shows so as many people can get in as possible . I'm sure he LOVES seeing famliar faces . I'm also sure he LOVES the look on a lifelong fan in the Cabo or the first time . To those who did't get tickets I'm very sorry !

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Jul 24, 2010
2010 Birthday Bash !!!

I'm F@*#ing excited about the new way they're selling B-Day Bash Tics ! One of the things i like about Sammy the most is you KNOW he cares about his fans . You can tell by the e-mail he really wants some people that haven't made it into a show , a chance to finally get in ! I know it will be hard for the awesome fans on here that have been goin to Cabo forever , but for eveyone to have the best chance i think everyone should try and pick one maybe two shows . I do respect the many people that have been going forever and sitting in line (been there myself )for every show .

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