Past Event

Jul 19 2003
Rockfest 2003
Cadott, Wisconsin


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Jere Fritsche aka MM for the set list!



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 2  Redhead Comments

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More than any of the dozens of other concerts I have attended over the years, Sammy's shows just give you that magical feeling of being part of One Giant Bash.

This year - finally - it's the Long Road to Cabo (well, long flight anyway) for the Birthday Bash!

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Sammy (or, friends of), As usual, you rocked and put on a great show. Wish you didn't have the time constraints and had more time to play (how about headlining next time?). Really wished you could've played "Marching To Mars"...that song rules! By the way, how does one get the chance to be up on stage partying and sucking down tequilas with you? Let me know...see you at the next Cadott show!

Later, Kim Mason


Having been a fan for these last 25 years I have to say that the on stage experience was just awesome. The Cameras we got didn't work (and I really wanted that group shot with Sammy cause my son was with me) but other than that, the chance to be up there was totally worth it. It's a whole different point of view and oh-by-the-way we got to sing with Sammy, party with Sammy and see all the Redheads rockin out front. As you might guess Sammy just rocked the place and 60,000 new and old fans had a great time.

More time would have been great but, you know, there's going to be another show and I'll be there again. Oh and to Sammy, Thanks for signing my '83 backstage pass. It only took 20 years but I'll keep it forever.

-Scott Burns


Bought a VIP ticket on-line. I recommend to anybody to pay up if they get a chance. We (me & my nephew) arrived @ show and were told to meet at the "cabo" bottle @ 8:15. We did and from there the most surreal experience of our lives unfolded. We went back stage and to our surprise there were 25 cabo "vases" filled with waboritas (and yes they were the best margarita's you have ever tasted, from the tequila of course). We were about to drink 'em when we were informed that Sammy was going to join us. INCREDIBLE !! Sammy is the most down to earth person. It was like we knew him for years. He told the group: "Do what ever you want onstage, tonight I own the place". We were then escorted on the stage. It was great to see the fans from that perspective. The sound was awesome as well as Sam's performance and setlist. During "dreams" Sammy came back to sing with our group and we all got to live our dreams ans sing with Sam.

Sammy- Thank you for being a great performer and more importantly a great person. You made us all feel like VIP's.



well, i was in Cadott, WI on july 19 , and i was blessed enough to see sammy sorry for the delay of my review, i'm just arrived at home ( italy!), and i hope you'll accept my review anyway.

honestly,SAMMY has a more powerfull voice, as times goes by...
i've seen him here in italy in 95, and 92...but his voice, sounds much better, and better.

i do not want to offend anyone,but let me say that hearing old vh tunes like "right now"," top of the world", and "dreams" well, confirmed myself again, that Sammy remains the Only Right Voice for VH.

Sammy you are the best singer on the planet!

thank you
-evhua, from italy