Past Event

Jul 20 2003
Oneida Casino
Green Bay, Wisconsin


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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Excellent show. Sammy and the Waborita's put on a great show despite it being in a tent. Yes, a tent. 2200 (sell out) people sweating and having a rockin good time. Sammy made mention, twice, of how "dam hot" it was in the tent but it did not stop him, the band or the fans from really getting into it. The crowd was awesome, loud and singing along with every song. The show was about 1:45 in length. We were on stage and cannot wait for Sammy to come back to Wisconsin again. Hopefully Milwaukee this time!! Thanks for the Kick A## show Sammy (and the Waborita's of course).



Thanx to a great concert as usual-Had an awesome time from the front row,i dont know how you do it year after year but plain and simple you keep kicking ass-Your band sounds great as expected and so does the music-You said it was your first time playing under a tent-Theres a first for everything in green bay,i think the last time you where in green bay,you where climbing the rafters at the brown county arena in the early 80s-Anyways ive seen every van halen tour with you at alpine valley and then your solo stuff again in milwaukee and then of course last year with DLR,anyways it was great to see you back in green bay,to bad it was under a tent but it still sounded awesome-Set list was pretty much the same as previous and yes it would of been nice to hear another hour of music but oh well-The highlight of the evening was after the concert and returning to our car parked at executive air at the airport,which was across the street from the concert-Anyways i saw your airplane parked on the ramp and i said to my wife and friends lets go see whats going on as executive air was closed for business.Anyways i happen to work for executive air so I opened up the office and let the pilots in to use the weather mation and get ice etc. and got some nice pictures of your gulfstream(Cabo wabo express)-Anyways little while later you and the band got dropped off and the rest is history.Thanx for the pictures,my wife is still smiling from ear to ear and the pictures are proudly displayed in our living room-This just goes to show your a class act and your music and tequilla only gets better with age-SAMMY PLAIN AND SIMPLE YOU KICK ROCK & ROLL ASS

-Scott & Julie frye


This was my first Sammy concert, and let me tell u it won't be the
last. It was awesome! I was blown away by Sammy's showmenship and class! U
could tell Sammy was giving it his all up there, and loving every second of
it. All that made this concert the best that i've ever seen! Rock on Sammy!

Matt Maurer