Let Sally Drive

Sallys in love
With her automobile
Says she feels so sexy
From behind the wheel
She got dual carburetors
Ported and relieved
She pull the soft top down
She makes the devil believe
Packs a 427
Down on 101
Crack a buck 10-11
On the radar gun
She roll it over to the shoulder
Moving past her man
Swing it back to the fast lane
Singing catch me if you can
She got 5 speed, 4 elevens,
Ten thirteen in a quarter mile
Trick gas, full blown nitrous
Speed queen with a smile
Ride, ride, ride
Let Sally ride
Drive, drive, drive
Let Sally drive
Ride, ride, ride
Let Sally ride
Drive, drive, drive
Let Sally drive
Drive, drive, drive
Got long tall Sally
Blastin on the box
Just like mustang Sally
Kicked up a notch
Puts the pedal to the metal
Tacking 7 grand
Smoking 50 yards of rubber
In the rear view mirror
Singing catch me if you can

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riccardocavalio's picture

This is one of the best tracks from Sammy. The lyric is so good and the character sally is interesting. I am trying to download the MP3 of this visit us song and I can find it now with the help of this lyrics.

Cabowbo's picture

One of my all time Sammy favorites - I've had 3 convertables now and this song feels like Sammy was in my head when he wrote this. I love cranking it when I'm just driving !!

StPeteRedHead's picture

One of my favorite songs is Mustang Sally. I've always wanted to hear Sammy sing it. Then he recorded this one. What a great tune. Might be the closest I'm gonna get to Wilson Pickett's oldie!