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June 10, 2010
Chicago, IL
June 26

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Oct 3, 2012
Going to Cabo for the Birthday Bash?

To those going to CABO for the birthday bash. Head on over to http://sammyhagar.net and say hi, and post what show you are going to, dates you'll be down there, and where you are staying. Look forward to meeting a lot of new friends and faces! Most of the fan's I've met have been St Louis or Detroit fans, so I am anxious to meet a lot more from around the world! I'll be at the 10/11 show. I also setup a Facebook Event to see who is going to the 10/11 show, so if you are on FB, head over to https://www.facebook.com/events/401461803241852/ and RSVP!

See you in Cabo


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Aug 4, 2012
First time birthday fan in search of an October 11 or 13 ticket

After booking a week honeymoon with my wife in Cabo for the birthday bash, was broken hearted to see 2 two entries I put in, were not picked to get 2 tickets to the bash. Was hoping as a first time to the BASH I could get 2 tickets, doesn't look like it happened. Really bummed as this was for our honeymoon. I guess I can search the streets on one of our honeymoon days (if she lets me). Maybe a fan will have a pair on here they can't use? Who knows, just bummed.........

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