Past Event

Jul 16 2003
Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, Indiana


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Chris Farrow for the set list!



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Hallelujah – Sammy and the Wabo’s Kicked Ass in Indianapolis

Our trip started from Dayton Ohio, after reading the review from Louisville it seems Sammy might want to plan a trip to the Dayton area next time around. As a long time fan of Sammy’s, I’ve always had my eye on ways to get some on stage tickets. Hell I wore out six fingers and two thumbs dialing in to win some radio contest tickets and never did. Thanks to Sammy for giving his real fans the opportunity to buy stage tickets I finally got a pair. $206 bucks each, well let me assure you it was well worth the price. Seeing Sammy’s million dollar smile coming through the door was worth the price alone but throw in a high five, a fist bump and a HELL YEA for my license plate “GOT COBO?” from Sammy and Vic made it priceless, but Sammy and the Wabo’s made you feel like you paid $2006 dollars for a ticket. They gave you a great little RED carpet welcome before the show, Sammy toasted you with your own Margarita (non alcoholic of course, wink wink!!! This is for the attorneys that may be reading this) your own autographed back stage pass, an on stage FUN ADDICT T shirt, a RED ROCKER camera with a group photo of Sammy the Wabo’s and your fellow REDHEADS, and that’s all before the party started. I truly admire Sammy’s energy, free spirit, love for life and true dedication to his fans. Is there any other person that even comes close? SAMMY is the REAL DEAL !!!!!!!!!!.

Then came the on stage experience, a pure adrenaline rush. Sammy and the Wabo’s come out on to the stage and get you pumped up before the curtain rises, then they break into “ONE WAY TO ROCK” how fitting was that!!!!. Two hours of great music and a special on stage autograph session for the REDHEADS, yes he signed my plate, does life get any better than that? I don’t think so. That’s what DREAMS are made of!!!!!!!!


See ya in Cabo
Marc Zehnder
Vandalia, Ohio


Saw Sammy and The Waboritas last night what a great show. He is just amazing. We have seen him several times and they just don't ever seem to have a bad show. We also have tickets for the St Louis show and can't wait. What a great guy and a great band. He stated that he just f***ing loves this Sh*t and you can absolutely tell that that is true and we love him for that. See you in St. Louis and Cabo.



I took two friends with me who had never seen Sammy live. They didn't know what to make of the theatre setting. Keep in mind that DLR was just in Fort Wayne 4 nights earlier and only filled an event beer tent half full (with audience), on a Saturday night. But I wanted to go, it was my birthday present, so they came along. Neither could stop talking about the show for the 2 1/2 hour ride home! THAT was priceless. One of the two has already said she's saving to go to Cabo. What more do I really need to say? The music was awesome, the band was great, the venue was terrific, and Sammy was right on his game. Trust me when I say this: I can't think of anyone else who impresses me more than Sammy Hagar on stage in 2003. Not because he's getting older, not because he stills rocks like there's no tomorrow, but mostly because he's still happy doing it - and it shows. That's what sells two first timers. He loves doing it HIS way. I can so totally relate. Way to go, Sammy.



My point of view regarding the Indianapolis, IN show…

The Bad:

Well, usually I am just “amped” after a Hager show. He usually puts on a class act. This time I was disappointed with Indy show. I can deal with the fact that there are screw ups in lyrics, tempos, and various musical anomalies. However, I can’t stand bad sound mixing. There was way too much distortion in the sound. The sound guy either needs a refresher course or to be fired. Also, Sammy seemed to not really be there mentally (too drunk?). When I walked out of the theater to my car, the first thing I did was listen to the recent Live album. There was definitely a difference in the delivery. I have seen Sammy perform live in Indy at least six or seven times, this was by far the most disappointing, especially for the cost of the tickets.

The Good:

As for the set, I totally loved his song selection. There was enough variation throughout the evening to keep all fans interested without overdoing the classics. I was also impressed with Sammy’s willingness to sign just about everything that people put in front of his face. Unfortunately, I was not one of the lucky ones to get on or in front of the stage. I was seriously thinking about buying tickets for the St. Louis show, but I am going to have to wait to see how others rate his performances between now and then.

-Scott & Emily A.


First I want to say I LOVE YOU SAMMY & thank-you!!!!! I'm probably gonna embarrass my daughter here - but she's pretty used to that! LOL! Chrissy was up there on stage & what a time she had! Even though I was a little too far back for my up front fanatic taste, I don't think I would have been any happier if I had been up there beside her! Just watching her shine up there & having a blast was awesome for me. You could see the love on her face - I'm usually beside her at the shows & don't get to see all those expressions! AWESOME!!! Then to top it off, Chrissy held up her EATSZ28 license plate from her TransAm & Sammy went up & signed it! He ROCKS!!!!

Sammy & the gang sounded great again - believe me it didn't go down hill as he had said he was afraid it might the night before! The crowd loved them! John already posted the set list & it's pretty much the way I remember it. The one song I remember he did last night that he didn't do in Louisville was "Why Can't This Be Love" & then the chorus of I'm Gonna Take You Higher." Again, Sammy seemed really happy with the crowd. At one point he said he goes to lots &
lots of concerts but none of them could beat this - meaning the crowd! He said they were great. Well Sammy, I've been to quite a few concerts myself - some pretty damn good bands - but they ain't got nothin on YOU!! Not even close! :) We saw a lot of cool REDheads last night - some we knew - some we met for the 1st time. I won't try to name them all cause I'm awful at remembering names & I don't want to leave anyone out. It was great seeing everyone. John had his son, Cody there. What a nice looking young man! I'm sure he had a blast! There were a lot of cool REDheads on stage. I also saw a security guard from the Louisville show up there. I thought that was kind of cool - he seemed to be having a great time. I'm sure Chrissy will be posting her review soon - she's at work right now.

Thank-you Sammy & the Wabos for another incredible
night! See ya in Chicabo!!! :)



This is a little late, but I wanted to post my Indy review!!!! It was a great night! I was lucky enought to be up on stage because I have an awesome Mom who bought me the last ticket for the stage! It's gonna be hard to repay her for that!! It was great going backstage and having a group picture and some Cabo Wabo Tequila!!! I had an awesome time - it is so neat to look out over the crowd and think "hmmm this is what Sammy sees at every show! The crowd was rocking! I found myself trying to find Mom for a long time, but I finally found her rocking and having fun all by herself in the middle of the crowd!! That's Mom! LOL!!! :)

The most amazing part of my night was when I held up my license plates, which says, EATS Z28 right when Sammy turned around and was singing "Let Sally Drive." He was right at the part that says "catch me if you can." He looked at them, pointed at them and flashed me that Sammy grin. A little while later, I held them up again and Sammy came up to the cantina and signed them. He signed a few other things and then gave me a high five! I was ON TOP OF THE
WORLD!!! Thank you so much for a great show Sammy, David, Jesse, Mona, and Vic! Can't wait to see you guys again.....Ever think about coming back to Hara Arena in Dayton, Oh?? ;) It's G.A. and guess where Mom and I WILL be..LOL!

-Chrissy Wiesmann