Past Event

Jul 15 2003
Palace Theatre
Louisville, Kentucky


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Louis Champy for the set list!



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"There's Only One Way To Rock"....that was the first song Sammy and the Waboritas used to set the stage on fire with at the Palace Theater in Louisville. My friend Mike and I are big Sammy fans, so when we had the chance to purchase "On Stage Tickets" there were no questions or hesitation. It was a done deal. Were they worth two-hundred dollars a ticket? You're damn right they were, and money is no object when you can be on the stage with the Red Rocker ! We made the trip to Louisville from the Dayton, Ohio area and this is our story....

First of all, what other artist in music today is cool enough to offer such an experience for his or her fans? You can really tell that Sammy has always appreciated his fans, and by offering something such as the on stage tickets just proves it even more so. There are way too many artists these days that only care about trends, being number one, and how many records they sell. Sammy has been around longer than most of them out there today, and to me, is the happiest person I have ever seen doing what he does. It's not just about the music, it's about the fans, jammin', and having a fun time. What more could you ask for? Not only did we get some cool things backstage before the show (signed pass, t-shirt, disposable camera, and of course some Cabo Wabo Tequila) but we also got a group photo of all the "Red-Heads" with Sammy and the Waboritas! The great thing about it, that was just before the show! I had bought a shirt for Sammy a couple years back for the Cleveland, Ohio show, but never had a chance to give it to him. It was worth waiting for though, I brought it to Louisville and gave it to him backstage. He looked at it and said, "Hey, that's bad-ass!" It was a yellow Hawaiian-style shirt with red Bi-Planes on it. He then wore it for almost the whole show ! Sammy and the band rocked the Palace, and we had a perfect view from the railing right behind drummer, David Lauser. Thanks again for the stick Dave! All the tunes smoked, including "Rock Candy", "Top of the World", "Heavy Metal", "Bad Motor Scooter", and of course, "I Can't Drive 55" just to name a few. Sammy came up on the riser where we were standing, during "Dreams" and was singing right next to that was worth the price of admission alone! I even got a picture of us together.

A couple of the coolest things I noticed during the show, was when a guy in the crowd passed his prosthetic leg all the way to the front of the stage, and Sammy had it on stage and signed it! Also, a young boy in the crowd was motioned to come up to the front of the stage so Sammy could shake his hand. Once again, this just goes to show you the appreciation and the respect Sammy has for his fans. The rest of the show was just as awesome as it always is, and being on stage was the icing on the cake. To see it from that perspective was cool and as they say, "you get what you pay for". That we did, and it was worth every dollar! Thank you Sammy, Jesse, Mona, Victor, David, and crew. You just made two more Sammy fans estatic as ever once again! As my friend Mike said, "It would be hard to top that show!" Thanks a million Sammy, and keep on rockin'!

-Scott Morgan Troy, Ohio


Drove 9 hours from North Carolina to see Sammy for the 24th time and like always I did not leave disappointed. The first time I saw him was in 1982 at the Palladium in N.Y.C. and it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. His contagious energy transfers not only the audience but also to his great band the Waboritas. They seemed to be having as much fun as he does. He opened the show with There's only one way to rock and seemed set on proving that Sammy and the Wabos are it. He ran all over the stage slapping hands with his up front fanatics and the lucky ones who got to be on stage. Some of the highlights were Bad Motor Scooter which featured a great intro on his slide guitar as well as Mona's bass solo and story how she got the job by driving up in her chopper. As crazy as they get they also proved they can be very soulful with a semi acoustic version of Deeper Kind of Love from Ten 13 that he said they had just worked up. Other highlights included Dreams, Whole Lotta Zep and Heavy Metal. At one point in the show he said he wasn't sure why he hadn't played in Louisville in 5 years and said he plays anywhere he is invited to play. He said he doesn't care if he plays for 50 people or 50,000 he still has a great time. When the show was over the band walked off but the fans on stage started a Sammy, Sammy chant and the rest of the crowd took it from there. Instead of walking off he stepped up to the mic to sing an acopella version of Cabo Wabo as the band rushed back on to join him. Spontaneity at it's best! Great show! What else can I say.

-Louis Champy


The Palace was sure rockin' RED tonight!!!! AWESOME show!! We had
pretty good seats - on the right (Mona's side) about 15 feet from
the stage!! We were kind of on the aisle so we didn't have anyone
obstructing our view!! Mona has always been pretty, but she looked
so great tonight!!! She has the prettiest smile! The rest of the
gang looked great too! Sammy had on his yellow Cabo pants & yellow
t-shirt. A little bit into the show, he kicked his shoes off! He
was jumping around all over the place - pure energy!!! They sounded
great! Sammy was really happy with the place. He said he didn't
know why the heck they hadn't been there in so long - but he'd love
to come back. (I could tell him it's because of the asswipe radio
stations around here. You know - the ones that play Roth when I call
& request Sammy!) He said it was just the 3rd show & he didn't
think it could get any better than this & he was afraid they might
go downhill from there!! LOL! During the middle of the show, some
guy from about 10 rows back passed up his artificial leg for Sammy
to sign. Sammy took it & said, "now how the hell do you plan on
getting home without this?" LOL He signed it really big & passed
it back. The show started a little after 8:00 & ended about 10:15.
I'm not absolutely sure on the time - but that's close. I'll try to
remember the set list - it most definitely won't be in order & I'm
sure I'll forget some. :)

There's Only One Way
Shaka Doobie
Dylan's Everybody Must Get Stoned
Three Lock Box
Deeper Kind of Love
Standin On Top of the World
Bad Motor Scooter
Finish What You Started
Rock Candy
Right Now
Little White Lie
Let Sally Drive
Can't Drive 55
Mas Tequila
Heavy Metal
Whole Lotta Love
Cabo Wabo

Like I said, I'm forgetting some. We were talking on the way home &
counted around 19, but I can't think of the rest right now. If I
remember - I'll post them later. :) Go see Sammy & the gang guys!
You'll love it!! I cherish every show I've been to. :) Been
hearing about some squabbling here & there & this is what I needed
to remind me that this is what it's all about. Makes it all
worthwhile! Can't wait til tomorrow night in Indy!! Then there's
the weekend in Chicago!! Hope to see a lot of you guys in both
places!! :)
SAMMY & THE WABOS RULE!!!! Thanks guys!!! See ya tomorrow night!
Sherrie Wiesmann