Past Event

Jul 14 2003
Morris Performing Arts Center
South Bend, Indiana


Show 7:00PM.



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Last night was truly one of the best nights of my life! Meeting Sammy and the Waboritas and then being on stage with them during the show was an opportunity not to be missed.

The night didn't get off to a great start after I attempted to pick up tickets at the "will call" window and was told that my guest must also be present at the same time to get the tickets. We both traveled several hours to get to the show (9 hours for me and 6 for him), so we didn't have a lot of extra time before the show. By the time we were both able to get to the ticket window together, there was a huge line and a lot of confusion. We didn't realize that radio station winners, who didn't pay for tickets, were also waiting in line to get wrist bands and fill out the same paperwork..........apparently the box office employees weren't aware of this either. We worked through it and finally got to the right spot downstairs in the concert hall where we were greeted with margaritas and our autographed laminates.

We chatted for several minutes before Sammy and the rest of the band entered the room. All the band members were friendly and asked my name and shook hands. All 25 of us gathered together to take a few group photos with the band and then it was time to hit the stage. We grabbed our "On Stage Fun Addict" tshirts and stood on risers behind the drums. I was so excited waiting for the show to start that I was shaking. Once the band came out and the curtain went up, the electricity in the air was amazing.

The show was wonderful and we were treated to a few extra songs that Sammy doesn't always play. We took a lot of photos with our disposable cameras and during the song "Dreams," Sammy came onto the riser to sing with us. Several times during the show, Sammy and the Waboritas would turn around to smile and play for us. It was an amazing feeling to look into the crowd and see all the people singing and cheering. This is probably as close as I will ever get to knowing what it really feels like to be a rock legend. Thank you Sammy and the Waboritas for allowing me this experience! See you in St. Louis!!

-Robin Greer-Jogun