Ready to Rock !!

August 02, 2010 by dukduk5150

Can't wait for Ft Lauderdale show :) Great set-lists on all stops .. Aerosmith better bring it !!

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Birthday bash

August 01, 2010 by Htowntrish

Do you have to use pay pal for tix to the bash? If not, what other way can I get tickets. We stood in line for the 60th. Just not familiar with the pay pal thing and would prefer to use my credit card. Help


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Backstage Meet and Greet

August 01, 2010 by

Ok three days till Costa Mesa and we won the backstage meet and greet. How cool is that? I've been rockin at Sammy shows since the early 70's with Montrose and all the solo and Van Halen years. We've been on stage in the Cantina a dozen times and nothing compares to the chance to get to meet Sammy. I cant wait!!!!!
I'll be Red until I'm Dead

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UNITED STATES OF CABO Official Merchandise!

August 01, 2010 by murmur

Hello fellow Redheads! If you're not aware of me yet, I am the independent filmmaker that is producing a documentary on the fans of Sammy Hagar... aka Redheads, Chickenheads and Up Front Fanatics!

I was in Tahoe for the Chickenfoot show back in September 2009, back to Tahoe in May 2010 for the Cinco celebrations then off the St. Louis for the July 1st show. My documentary will feature intimate fan interviews with redheads, rare Sammy and the Wabo's footage as well as rare Chickenfoot concert footage and a whole lot of surprises! This documentary is produced by a fan for the fans!

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August 01, 2010 by redvoodoo950

Sunrise Aug.9th I can hardly wait!
Cool new site, wheres the shwag?

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2010 TOUR

August 01, 2010 by FITROCK1


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The Woodlands

July 31, 2010 by beckys031

I will be at The Woodlands! Can't wait!!

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Chickenfoot 09-21-2009

July 31, 2010 by RLE-140

Just engaged, took a limo to the Chickenfoot concert in Dallas Sept/09...Getting married 10-13-2010 in Vegas!!!

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O.C. Fair performance August 4th

July 31, 2010 by pe girl

I can't wait to see Sammy Hagar the Red Rocker rock the house with his amazing talent..He is one of the best!

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Costa Mesa

July 30, 2010 by cathiboat

Can't wait to see Sammy and Company at Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa next Wednesday. Saw him last year same venue as opener for Scorpions. Bad news for the Scorpions. After Sammy rocked the house, they were bland. I'm glad he's headlining this time, should have last time.

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