cabo info?

April 06, 2011 by paul riccio

just wanted to ask about sammy shows in cabo this year?
when does the info usually hit the web so we can start to plan for a birthday bash down in cabo.

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Full Disclosure:'79 SummerJam,'87 MonstersofRock in Arrowhead:

April 05, 2011 by kc acid test w ...

In 1979, I made a black guy give Sammy some acid;in Arrowhead. In 1987 I walked up to Sammy and said "I made sure in '79 that well?!". Sammy replied "Well what?"."Oh, you ate one too(OU812)" I chimed. Sammy laughed an uproar. Before Sammy came onstage with Van Halen that day. The amplifiers were junking out.However, the upper levels threw all their trash in the air over the football field. ARROWHEAD in Kansas City had a roof made up of red and white coke cups; the blue sky was gone and a temporary ceiling of crud filled the air.

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What are the dates for Cabo this year?

April 05, 2011 by dougnabbie

Has anyone heard of what the dates will be in Cabo this year ?

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Yay my copy of Sammy's book has arrived

April 05, 2011 by NickGreen
Yay my copy of Sammy's book has arrived
More images are available below.

Got my copy of Sammy's autobiography-cannot wait

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Go There Once, Be There Twice

April 05, 2011 by themay_or

Sammy, congratulations on #1 best seller list. I hope you would please update us on when the new movie Go There Once, Be There Twice is scheduled for release. I am anxious to see that. If anyone knows when please let me know.

Thanks Sammy and Redheads


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Cinco De Tahoe

April 04, 2011 by RDRKR

Hey RedHeads,
I really want to make the trip to Tahoe this year but I didn't get tickets when they went on sale. If anyone has a couple for sale please let me know.
Thanks! Rock on!

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"Red" is a Great Read!

April 03, 2011 by cre8ive4s

I just finished Sammy's "Red" book. Besides giving us a look into his humble beginnings, Sammy lets us see how he paid his dues in rock and in life. He tells it like it is, leaving no stone unturned, delivering a fascinating behind-the-mic look at his life and times.

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Huntington Beach CA Book Signing

April 02, 2011 by peggy48

I was at the HB book signing..First thanks goes to my boyfriend who take care of my daughter so that I could go to the signing...Barnes & Noble did a great job...I got a high five, eye contact and my book signed. It was an honor and privilege, thank you Sammy, you are the reason I named my daughter Samantha, your book was amazing...your childhood and all the struggles you and your family went through was by far the most eye opening for me as a fan and I respect you and love you even more after. Thank you from the bottom of my RED heart!

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TIFF Lightbox

April 02, 2011 by Robert89

I sat behind Sammy at the screening of his movie/documentary. He related well with the fans and appears to be unaffected by his rock star status. The movie was excellent.

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Three Lock Box show in Fresno...anyone remember the date?!

April 02, 2011 by THarvey3


The 2nd concert I ever saw was Night Ranger on their Dawn Patrol tour open for Sammy on his Three Lock Box tour at Selland Arena in Fresno, CA.

Both albums were released in November, 1982.

Doe anyone know the exact date of this show?

(Oh, and Sammy ROCKED...but you already knew that!)


Tom Harvey

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