Red energy

February 11, 2011 by hawaiidave

Right up front in your face Rock~N~Roll Baby. Theirs nothing like a Sammy family concert.

Thanks for all the fun you guys provide for US you Rock!!!!

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need to locate sammy hagar?

February 09, 2011 by danny11

My wife is sammy's 1st cousin.Her maiden name is Judy Jean Hager. She grew up with him. Her father was sammy's uncle. If anyone can help my wife reunite her family, it would be greatly appriated. My email address is Pls help if u can? Thank You!!

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Sammy @ the Coushatta - April 29th

February 09, 2011 by Harleymomma08

For those who can't make the journey to Lake Tahoe - Sammy is playing at the Coushatta on Friday April 29th then at the IP - Biloxi (4 hrs away) on Saturday April 30th. Hope for great weather - we can hang out on the beach in Biloxi before the show!

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Bay Area Redheads

February 09, 2011 by seanster

Theres a benefit in San Francisco March 26th at Slims.The proceeds go to help with the medical care for Jason Becker(if you dont know his story watch this the all guitar show is headlined by Joe Satriani and I figured I would post this here because we all know who like to show up on stage with Satch every time he plays in the area.Even without a redrocker appearance this will be a epic night and goes to a great cause

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ticket info for tahoe

February 08, 2011 by markrory
ticket info for tahoe

go to for general admission $75.00 tickets. no special password needed (it was redrocker). go to tickets here at redrocker for the $200 on stage tickets.
no early tickets are available so far... and people who have already put their tickets up for sale on those other sites for like $194 each for the $75 tickets - shame on you!!!!! We will be on the floor this year, both nites! So get ready to rock with Sammy and the Wabos! P.S. Go to Mona's site and she has a t-shirt ava!!!!! Lady Red Rose :)

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upfront fanatics

February 07, 2011 by paulb055

how do we get early entry into the venue?

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2 Tix for May 7 Needed!!

February 07, 2011 by brendaSTL

If anyone has extra, I could use two, BUT really need at least one for Saturday night!!!!

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2 Tix for 5/7

February 07, 2011 by misscabowabo

Does anyone have 2 tickets for the 7th show? I'd LOVE to spend my 40th Birthday celebrating in TAhoe and am too late for tickets!

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Need Tix for Friday Night May 6 in Tahoe

February 07, 2011 by sashriver

I need 2 or 4 tickets for the Tahoe show on Friday Night May 6th 2011. Please hit me up if you got some.

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Tahoe Wabo Book Signing!!!

February 06, 2011 by ICANTDRIVE138

Yo Sammy,
How bout a Cinco De Tahoe Book Signing? I think the perfect spot would be the Pre-Party!! I'm sure everyone will have copies of your AutoBio ready for some fresh ink. Love Ya Bro, Thanks Again for the back stage pass and pic. CUN Tahoe!!!!

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