Our friends Blown '66

March 16, 2012 by 5152
Our friends Blown '66
More images are available below.

This is one of our good friends car...Blown '66 Chevelle...Nice car and ride...fast ride..."Can't Drive 55" kind of car...lol

I will post more photos of this car soon!!


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hey brian and tracy harp just a gem of a chevy WOW man i love it. i would like to see a rear, side, and angle profile of it if you can please. that ole 66 is almost priceless and appears to be in excellent shape for a 66 chevelle. i have seen a few of those models in my time too. no offense, but are the panels all metal or is there bondo, fiberglass or glazing putty on it? i thought my 71 chevelle photo copy pics that i sent you in the mail were nice, but that 66 beats mine. is that blower a 427 rat? also is your friends 66 chevelle balanced and blue printed too, and what is its total value please? my old 71 had an automatic 454 rocket engine with a 4 barrel carb in it. that engine was pulled from a 75 monte carlo (special edition). i had that orange needle laying at a 140 mph on a straight run, but even after new front end parts and new manual piston brakes it started to slightly shake at that speed? maybe the low profile 60's in the back and center lines up front made it rattle a bit? it was a kick ass chevelle, i loved driving it with that horse shoe console, but your friends 66 would leave me in the dust if we were to race and exchange pink slips! keep uploading more pics i want to beef up my blog better than it is. nice to meet you two, and its time to jam out with my WG1 copy along to BALANCE. I LOVE THE SEVENTH SEAL chow for now.