Thank you Sammy.

September 20, 2014 by JJHIBS

I've been to six concerts, where Sammy Hagar performed. All were upbeat shows, filled with positive energy.
It was great to hear Sammy on Ted Nugent's new CD. I hope they will record more songs together.
Thank you, Sammy, for all the good times you have given me through the years.

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check it out

September 20, 2014 by danydaniel

yeah, wow,i didn't get ticket for bash lucky because i would have the trip plan and the odile hurricane . i still like to go ....maybe party around the area.
the weather funk every up...

well i don't see you or hear from the redheads . sammy Happy Birthday

later someday i vacate in cabo check it out . danydaniel

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It's a sad day

September 18, 2014 by Scott fen
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September 18, 2014 by sammyhagar

Hold tight Redheads - I'm waiting for the dust to settle down in Cabo.

The military and government are in charge right now & once the town is a little more stable I will figure out what to do to help. I want to thank all of you fans for your ideas and willingness to give and the best thing to do is just wait for now. Many of my friends, partners. and employees that are in Cabo are doing all they can at the Cantina to help people.  

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Sammy Hagar, Please guest host WWE Monday Night RAW

September 17, 2014 by danielw075
Sammy Hagar, Please guest host WWE Monday Night RAW

Lots of musicians, celebrities, and others have guest hosted WWE Monday Night RAW.

Kid Rock, ZZ Top, William Shatner, Rob Zombie, Ozzy, Muppets, Bob Barker, Toby Keith, and lots more have guest hosted WWE Monday Night RAW.

It's Sammy Hagar's turn.
Come on!!!!!

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Let's have the Birthday Bash in Vegas!!!!!!

September 16, 2014 by seana008

Wish we could have it in Cabo, but the Cabo Wabo in Vegas could work.

We can try to raise money for the people of Cabo!


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Hurricane Help for Cabo

September 16, 2014 by 302_Boss_Chick

I know it totally sucks for anyone who had to cancel their Birthday Bash trip in light of the recent developments in Cabo. I've read on Facebook that refunds for tickets will be issued. I would like to suggest that anyone who receives a refund use that money as a donation to the poor townsfolk of Cabo San Lucas.


Stef ♥♪♫♪

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Hurricane Odile

September 15, 2014 by

AChief posted to remember that folks are without water and other necessities. Prayers going out to those folks. Any news???

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Odile help

September 15, 2014 by achief

Calling on all Redheads: even though we're all looking forward to the concert(s) with Sammy, let's not forget those who are suffering from hurricane damage. Anyone with any connections, please let us know. I have experience working the Katrina aftermath. As of tonight, we're still going, but realize we might have to cancel.

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