Sammy's Bday Bash... no tix :(

July 08, 2014 by VeryCherry

We will be in Cabo during the bday bash... flights booked, hotel booked, only thing we don't have is tix to the show! dang! Hoping for a 2nd chance!

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Cabo bash

July 08, 2014 by SGT68

Well this being my first time I thought it would be prudent to reserve my room for the annual B day bash. I didn't realize how the tickets would be disrtibuted until after the fact. I registered for the random drawing and guess I didn't get mine. Any suggestions besides party in the streets?

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Beyond Excited

July 08, 2014 by cnbrooks

I was really bummed out this weekend when everyone was posting they got their notifications for the Birthday Bash and I didn't get one. Just happened to check my email this morning and WE HAVE TICKETS FOR NIGHT 4! Beyond excited!

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Just got picked today for 10/13

July 07, 2014 by kencobra

My brother just got notified today at 6 pm that we are going to the 10/13 show. Maybe there still us hope for those who have not heard yet.

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Bday bash

July 07, 2014 by Ckujath

So we didn't get tickets. Can you get them one you arrive to cabo or is this it??? Seems peoe got 2 nights while some of us got none... Kinda stinks!

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Second chance for BDAY BASH?

July 07, 2014 by kfecher

We had the fortunate chance of winning tickets a few years back, and when we won extra, we turned ours back in so someone could have a chance with the second chance drawing. Fast forward to this year, we saved up enough money to come back, flights booked & paid, room booked & paid, but no ticket email:( The week we were there, we hung out at the bar across the street and saw the same people going every night, how does that happen? PLEASE second chance be coming!!!

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Birthday Bash Tickets

July 06, 2014 by heathmac66

Have all the email confirmations been sent for Birthday Bash tickets? Or is there still a chance of a confirmation forthcoming in my inbox?

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Second Chance Birthday Bash Drawing

July 06, 2014 by Stephanie's Sanbar

In the past there has been "Second Chance" drawing for those who entered the 1st round but not drawn; will this happen this year? If so, when?

Also how do you get the dinner tickets?

I already have reservations to come can't wait!

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Second Drawing??

July 06, 2014 by nate9868

Anyone know if they are planning to have a second drawing? We canceled our trip last year because we didnt get tickets. We are going this year either way, but we wont get there till Saturday, so no chance for dinner tickets. We've never been to the b-day bash, hopefully we make it this year.

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Second Chance Drawing!

July 06, 2014 by sunshinejen1979

In the past there has been "Second Chance" drawing for those who entered the 1st round but not drawn; will this happen this year? If so, when.

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