It's been four long years!!!!!

April 07, 2015 by lizshuemate

FINALLY!!!! After four long years I get to see Sammy once again!! Orlando Florida here I come!!! So excited for April 27!!!

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Presale password?

April 07, 2015 by rbwright

What is the presale password for the June 20 show in dayton, Ohio?

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Red Rose

April 07, 2015 by mitchellwwilliams

The new Rose Music Center is gonna get as Red as Ohio can get on June 20, and considering the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes are just an hour away, that's gonna be SOLID!

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Thanks for a lifetime of great music and memories!

April 04, 2015 by redrider4

When I was in 7th Grade, my best friend in life (still my best friend to this day), came running over to my house yelling "man, you've GOT TO HEAR THIS SONG!"....and he was carrying a record album (yes Im old enough to remember those). That album was Standing Hampton. We proceeded up to my room and on my little "denim colored record player with two cheap speakers on it" listened to There's Only One Way to this day that is STILL my favorite song! I was an INSTANT lifelong fan!

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Cabo for Sammy's Bday!

April 04, 2015 by Stevehaggar

Going to cabo for Sammy bday and hoping to score tickets to a show.
Been a sammy fan since Montrose and would love to see him and the circle!
Right on and rock on Sammy!

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25th Cabo Wabo Cantina Anniversary Party April 21-23, 2015

April 04, 2015 by 1-Way Scotty
25th Cabo Wabo Cantina Anniversary Party April 21-23, 2015

There is a big group of us Redheads headed to Cabo in 2 weeks for the Cantina's 25th Anniversary!! Please join us Sammy.............Pretty Please!!

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Redhead Snorkel/Booze Cruise April 23, 2015 in Cabo!!

April 03, 2015 by 1-Way Scotty
Redhead Snorkel/Booze Cruise April 23, 2015 in Cabo!!

I am chartering a Jungle Cruise snorkel/booze cruise for all of the Redheads face down in Cabo in April for the 25th Anniversary of the Cantina!! Sun, Suds, Redheads, and Sammy tunes - it doesn't get any better!! I have created an events page for it. Please let me know if you would like to join us, and I can add you!! It is going to be 23 April 11:00-3:00! 1-Way!!!

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Illinois State Fair

April 03, 2015 by Hosch

Any word on presale code for Illinois State Fair? Pre sales start in about 10 days

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Tahoe Show

April 03, 2015 by Mattydare

I just got my tickets for the Tahoe show on May 9th and I bought the platinum seating. Does anybody know what the entails?

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Presale code

April 03, 2015 by ta29

Does anyone know what the presale code is going to be for the Rose Music Center tickets that go on sale next week?


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