Cabo T-Shirts

September 25, 2016 by tonya005
Cabo T-Shirts

To all the redheads going to the bash this year. Wondering if anybody would do me a favor. I need a couple of t-shirts for a friends birthday. He has never been down there, and I would like to get him some shirts for his bday. If anybody could pick me a couple I'll pay for one for you. You can reach me at Have an amazing time in the best place in the world!!!! Thanks Tony

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September 21, 2016 by JCirar

No Joke!!! To All Redheads who couldn't get tickets for the Birthday Bash. I want to buy all of you a FREE SHOTS at the Hollywood, Cabo Wabo on Sammy's Birthday. I just need to know how many so I can set this up with the management. Sammy-We are bummed we can't make it but know that our hearts and soul will be with you on the 13th!!! Who wants to go!!!

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Sammy while driving

September 19, 2016 by mtener

I don't do poetry often:
It's tough to drive a car,
when listening to Sammy Hagar.
While I know that I am alive,
I too, can't drive 55!
There is Anthony, Bonham, and Johnson,
And they just make driving more awesome!
It's fun to drive while listening to the Red Rocker,
Your mind goes jammin' until,
arriving at work becomes the blocker.
Listening to Sammy and the Circle and the songs they sing,
well, those songs, when I leave work, are the songs are the one's I ping.

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Sammy while driving

September 17, 2016 by mtener

I went to Red Rocks amphitheater, Colorado about ten days ago and saw Sammy and the Circle. So, after buying the CD and coming home from work and playing this couple of CD's for days, I penned the following poem:

It's tough to drive this car,
when listening to Sammy Hagar.
While I know that I am alive,
I still can't drive 55.
There is Anthony, Bonham, and Johnson...
and they just make driving more awesome...
It's fun to hear the Rocker,
Your mind goes to jammin'
until arriving at work then becomes the blocker.
I just enjoy Sammy and the Circle,
and the songs that they sing,

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October 11 Bday Bash Tix Wanted

September 14, 2016 by SmylDoc422

Hi! My husband and I struck out on tickets this year for the bday bash, but are still hoping to go. If anyone has any extra tickets and wouldn't mind us going as their "guests," it would be much appreciated! My brother and his girlfriend are going on October 11 and we would really like to join them! We've had the trip booked since spring with the hopes of going to the bash. Thank you in advance!

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First timer

September 13, 2016 by bspears

It's my first time going to the Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash on October 11th. Can anyone tell me about the booze cruise or any other events/activities going on in Cabo? First time in Cabo. Thanks

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Need tics for the 9th

September 13, 2016 by Jackie Glover

We are going down this year with my sister, her husband, and their daughter, (my wonderful niece). My husband got tics for the 9th and he is taking my brother-in-law, since they have so much music in common, and lucky for me, that is how I met my awesome husband. I would like to take my sister and my niece....SO, if anyone is selling extra tics for the 9th, please let me know. THX!!!

See you all in CABO!!!

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October 13th

September 11, 2016 by Shawna Gregory

If anyone is selling tickets to the Oct 13th Cabo Wabo show email me please :) We will be there celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary.

Thank you!!

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Birthday Bash 2016

September 11, 2016 by Mandy Buck

Ok I tried all three lottery drawings no luck pressed buy tickets at exact minute on ticket fly today no tickets available still going to Cabo hoping to win tickets on booze cruise or beach party see ya in Cabo mad tequila

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Birthday Bash Activities

September 08, 2016 by dana2cabo

Does anyone have any information about the booze cruise and/or beach party this year? I haven't heard anything.

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