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September 03, 2014 by Harleymomma08

Dear looks like several spam advertisements have filter thru the site. Please look at these dates 8/30 & 8/31...thank you

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Charged for B-day Bash Tickets But No confirmation e-mail

September 03, 2014 by johnf055

Hey out there. Was charged for two tickets on the second chance drawing but did not receive confirmation e-mail. Any ideas who I should get in touch with? I have no idea which night the tickets are for. Anyones assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Friend has ALS - Please read

September 02, 2014 by lovecabosanlucas

I don't know if Sammy ever reads these blogs but here goes - two months ago my closest friend of 40+ years was diagnosed with ALS - his doctor says he has 24-36 months - he was encouraged by his friends to put together a "Bucket List"...the first thing on his list was to go to Cabo San Lucas with his closest friends and go back to the Cabo Wabo - my wife and I have a time share in Cabo and had taken him and his wife there a few years back - we went to the Cabo Wabo one night and had the time of our lives - I'm not the type of guy that ever asks anyone for anything, but I'm going to make an exc

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Acyclovir | Cod Cod Saturday Delivery

August 31, 2014 by Anonymous

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Cool Online Games for Free will Enhance your Mood

August 30, 2014 by marlinzz53
Everyday life is extremely boring - we work, we come back home, sleep, eat and watch the telly. Would you like to change it dramatically once and for all? Changes come to folks, who want them badly, consequently determination and a tiny bit of creativeness are what you need to enchase your each day lifestyle. Depending on your age, requirements, you can find a wonderful hobby to spend your spare time in a fun way - sports, online games, training courses can enrich your tedious life and help you develop your skills.
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Have A Great Time Playing Cool Auto Games Online

August 30, 2014 by marlinzz53
Everyday living is very boring - we work, we return home, sleep, eat and watch the telly. Would you like to change it dramatically forever? Modifications come to people, who want them badly, as a result inspiration and a little bit of creativeness are what you need to enchase your daily living. Depending on your age, personal preferences, you can find a nice pastime to spend your spare time in a fun way - sports, video games, training courses can enrich your tedious lifestyle and help you develop your skills.
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Incredible personal injury attorney will allow you to obtain the compensation you should have

August 30, 2014 by fredrip88
We reside in a dog eat dog community - no doubt about it. Absolutely no man or women can easily forecast what's going happen to him or her as time goes on, much less tomorrow. Incidents come about very often, folks get seriously injured as well as end up in the hospitals. Of course, medical treatment is incredibly high-priced today. One should have quite a lot of funds to fund the treatment. Clearly, people who will be responsible for the injury and the collision by itself, should pay for the hospital solutions 100 %, from their very own pocket.
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No cost love tarot reading for everyone

August 30, 2014 by kelleys912
Free tarot card reading is definitely the service we want to present you today on the internet. New Age tarot or perhaps goddess tarot is the opportunity you must take into account anytime you need to get all that answers you'd like to know about love life. We are talking about the chance that provides a greater free love tarot reading help. Today tarot reading is closer to you than any other time, since you can just check out our web site and savor this unique free psychic reading chance. Wait no longer and just spend some time enjoying the free tarot card reading.
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Find out how you can eliminate your body fat

August 30, 2014 by linettee57
Getting proper understanding about what is the body fat and how can you avoid it, is the shortest way to success. What we want to say, is that tackling fat loss problem is a lot easier than previously with us. Only here at you get the chance to find the best solution and realize all that limitless options you can achieve by simply removing your body fat. Choosing the right combination of nutrition and exercise is definitely the answer you’ve been surfing for, as there is no better remedy.
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Fantastic accounting solutions can help you handle your own papers

August 30, 2014 by lorenzob44
Within these modern day era of imaginative engineering in addition to impressive solutions, this market is filled up with all sorts of businesses and companies offering practically any types of services. That is correct - in recent times it's possible to without difficulty attain close to just about any item or reap the benefits of any type of solution, in spite of his wants and also requirements. As you can imagine, if you're an organization administrator or proprietor him self, you will need to take into account a lot of files and also details which make your business thrive.
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