"Go There Once...Be There Twice" - Any Comments Yet?

October 12, 2010 by johnt042

Hi All,

Just curious, I haven't seen any comments about the viewing of "Go There Once...Be There Twice" and am dying to hear about it. Did the first sneak peek go as planned? I'm sure it rocks but was hoping to get some reviews from Redheads.


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October 12, 2010 by spurzztop

took my oldest son,

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A Virgin No More

October 11, 2010 by CTredrocker

My first Birthday Bash!

One word:


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I've always been a fan.

October 11, 2010 by gwarren38

I have always been a fan ever since your days with Montrose. I was a devotee of your singles work and always wondered why you would join a band like Van Halen. Obviously you new what you were doing!
All i have to say is when you fronted Van Halen you had no problem knocking down DLR songs like they were your own. But now when Van Halen tours they don't have the balls to do any of your songs.
It's obvious that you were too good for the Van Halen brothers but thank God you and Mikey hooked up.
Keep healthy, keep rockin' and by the way Happy Birthday!


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Cabo Wabo - We Were There!

October 11, 2010 by grjp45

A great show, with Sammy at his best! Michael Anthony rocked as did the Wabos. Missed Mona, and was saddened to learn of her Mom's illness. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thanks to Jorge, Paolo, Roberto, Alberto, Christopher and all at the Cantina for making our many nights there so enjoyable. Great memories for sure!

Jackie & Gary, Sue & Lou (Through The Doors), Maggie & Luke
Judy & Ernie (Through The Doors)

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I know it's all about Cabo right now, but....

October 11, 2010 by 302_Boss_Chick
I know it's all about Cabo right now, but....

I just wanted to say how much I freakin' love this album. Sorry it took me this long to get around to listening to it!

Hope all you hard-cores are having a blast south of the border, and hope the rest of you are having blast doing whatever it is you're doing in whatever part of the world you're in doing it in.



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Any videos from last night?????

October 09, 2010 by seana008
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Need Tix help on the 10th

October 08, 2010 by hartsncabo

We will be arriving in Cabo too late on the 10th to get tickets for the show on the 11th or 13th. Ticket max is two per person. If you dont need all of your tickets please help!!!! Will pay extra for you having to stand in line. We are staying at the Riu Santa Fe

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when will sammy be at vegas cantina

October 08, 2010 by mils

hey all
just wondering how we find out when sammy will be at vegas or tahoe. we were planning to go to cabo next year oct. for our anniv., but to quote sammy "things've changed". now we are thinking about going to one of the other cantinas. a little less expensive and reachable by car. when i click the link for the vegas cantina, it says cinco de mayo - may 1st-5th. is that for 2011? i always thought tahoe had cinco. would really appreciate any info you fine folks can share. tix sold in advance? where, when? thanx in advance for your help.


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Need tix badly

October 08, 2010 by dave hungerford

I will be there on the 10th need tix badly for any show.Help

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