Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Named Best In Show

March 20, 2012 by davek013

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum
Best of Show: If you had told us that the best thing we’d try at Nightclub and Bar was going to be a celebrity spirit, we would have probably made a sizable bet against it. If you then said it was going to be a new spirit from Sammy Hagar, we would have doubled down. To our surprise, the best product introduced at Nightclub and Bar is Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. Made in Hawaii (Maui to be exact) from high quality sugar cane juice, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum has all the wonderful vegetal and grassy flavors of sugar cane without much fire. It’s smooth, sweet, and flavorful, and it shocked and impressed the hell out of us. Expect to hear more about this rum in the not so distant future – it has the potential to be huge.

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