"RED" contest, CF tour, Tahoe Wabo & Beach Bar Rum!

March 14, 2012 by sammyhagar
"RED" contest, CF tour, Tahoe Wabo & Beach Bar Rum!
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Hey Redheads! Lots to be excited about right now - the Beach Bar Rum is now in BevMo's throughout California as well as in tons of places in Vegas, including the Cabo Wabo - woo! The response so far has been out of sight and we are continuing to get it more places so keep your eye out for that. The paperback edition of "RED" is now out and we're doing a real fun contest where you can take a quiz to see how well you know me and enter to win some copies of the book that I signed up the other day at crazy places around the studio - it's all in the video on the quiz page at http://www.redrocker.com/redheads/redquiz - I know you'll dig it.

But that's not all - we've got the Chickenfoot summer tour coming up fast in May and June that we're kicking off up at Tahoe. Speaking of Tahoe, we are remodeling the Tahoe Wabo into more of a live venue and beach party vibe and Aaron & The Wabos will be performing two free shows to celebrate the re-grand opening and the 8th year anniversary! Has it really been that long already? Join Aaron, Vic, Mona and Bro on May 2nd & 3rd and then stick around for Chickenfoot on the 4th & 5th. Woo- what a party!

Oh yeah, there's also a new web site for Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill at http://www.sammysbeachbarandgrill.com/ - we finally have a place to list all the locations with menus and a listing of our local charities who receive proceeds from the Hagar Family Foundation. 

Webmaster note: The Cabo Wabo is planning a Chickenfoot ticket giveaway each night of the Aaron & The Wabo shows! The plan is for Wednesday night 5/2 to give away a pair of tickets for Friday's Chickenfoot show and Thursday 5/3 to give away a pair for Saturday's show. Details will be available at the Cabo Wabo each evening.

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OneLMichele's picture

The other day I was reminiscing on the albums the Sammy put out with the Wabos ---> Marching to Mars (little white lies).... Kama seems like (I need to find the cd) Anyway, the vibe that the Wabos created was so real & fun. Not 4 Sale, ... High & Dry Again... one of my favorite! A song that always puts a smile on my face...Mas Tequila. The vibe is fun party Cabo-style! Who would have ever thought that something so opposite, yet rockin' would possibly be equally satisfying? I am speaking of Chickenfoot. The first album is fantastic (III is addicting) and draws any lover of guitars and rockin lyrics....but IT'S SERIOUS on stage. It's refreshing and seems musically 'grown-up'. It's for mature audiences with a great ear for professional talent. Just my deep thought for the night....worked hard today. Time for an 'adult' beverage! I am thinkin Rum...Yum!

paigesummer89's picture

Bring the rum on over to Florida along with chickenfoot please!

OneLMichele's picture

How ultimately cool that would be . . . 4 nights in Tahoe... music brings out the goodness in all! REDHEADS Rock!

scrappybuffy's picture

I can't wait to try out your Beach Bar Rum!!! :) We love going to Cabo Wabo in Vegas and have visited the one in Tahoe, too! Love the tequila in my margaritas!!! It's my favorite!!! Can't wait to see what else you put out, Sammy! Keep on Rockin'!!!! ;)