2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo

July 17, 2012

Calling all Redheads!

We're excited to finally announce details on how things will go down for the 2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo!

This year we are selling tickets through a random drawing system. Based on fan response from last year, this makes for the fairest method and avoids the first-come-first-served mad rush that requires some people to stay online all night at home or in cyber cafés around the world.

Registration for the drawing will open up next week, and run through the end of the week. Details and links will be posted then and worry not, you will have the whole week to register and winners will be selected the following week.

Registration will be done separately for each show (October 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th) so plan on registering for whatever shows you would like to purchase tickets for. You'll be allowed to register once for each show.

Tickets will still be priced at $55 with NO additional service fees.

All shows are doors at 7:30pm and show time is 9:30pm

As always, tickets are non-transferrable and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (drivers license or passport).


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janete067's picture

I am hoping he will be playing all dates inside of the Cantina! Last year Sammy played outside on his birthday.....could not see him at all and he only played for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I was so disappointed and so were the friends we brought with us. Actually everyone around us were very disappointed. It is so much better in the Cantina. If he is playing outside I would like to know so I don't waste my time getting into this ransdom drawing.

carol piechota's picture

I know exactly what your talking about. Half the fun of the whole experience was partying on the street the night before. Cant wait thou..See you there!!

Jeano1012's picture

Hoping to win tickets it's the weekend me and my girlfriends will be celebrating our 50th in Cabo. The 3 JJJ's as we're know to our friends have bdays on Oct 10th - 11th and 12th. Sammy pick us so we can celebrate all of our birthdays together we love our birthdays as much as you do and were a fun bunch of ladies :)

bob087's picture

A couple years ago I posted an idea similar to this but it looks like they are missing one of the most important parts. RedRocker team please read below and try to make it happen as such:

Once all members register the dates they want, the system should randomly pick members for one show at a time (beginning with the B-day bash and working backwards). I would even say that in order to get 2 tickets, you must provide your guests name and ID digits at the time of registration. We all know who we are going with. That way everyone has a better chance of at least getting one show. If they do each show individually, some people may get skunked while others may get multiple shows.

The system should not select the same registered member twice for two shows until all registered members have either gotten tix, or they are sold out for all shows. If everyone registered gets a set of tix after 2 or 3 shows or whatever, the system starts all over again. If you ONLY want to be charged for 1 show (yeah right) you could even “Opt out” of a second round.

Just a thought from a long time Birthday bash veteran. I'll be there no matter what!

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We are coming for the first time to see Sammy in Cabo! There are 4 of us...how many tickets will I be able to get if my name is drawn?

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At first it was free just put in your time in line. Then it was buying tickets on the web site. Now it's a lottery. Next will be a private party not open to the public. C'mon man! I always had a great time down in Baja, It wasn't cheap, but worth it. Why not make it 2 weeks worth of shows like the Mexican Meltdown used to be. Those were the good old days. Rock on my man. How about having it in the soccer fields. It could be a Redhead Festival. Ha!

caboballz's picture

He didn't do that last year. If your birthday was on a show date you still needed a ticket. 2 years ago he let people in free if their birthday was on a show date.

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I was just curious what will happen to the 'unclaimed' winners. Will there be another drawing? There is no doubt in my mind that people will enter with the hopes that they could still pull it off, and then won't be able to. (Wonder what the percentage of MNG winners is/was that actually claimed their prize for example).

Looking forward to my first bday bash trip to Cabo this year, the one day on the cruise was just not enough! :)

SammyCabo's picture

First trip to Cabo ever! Hubby and I are going with my sister and BIL....Getting in on the 12th so hoping to land tickets for the 13th. I am also wondering how many tix you can register for....we would need four.....Regardless if I get them or not, I will be in CABO! Drink in one hand and toes in the sand! Who could ask for more? I'm stoked!

Tomigriffin's picture

Two tickets here for the 11th!!!!!!!!

JBoDEAN's picture

Hoping to land 2 tickets to 1 show, Be my first time at the Birthday bash, and taking my wife down there for our Honeymoon!

The Journey Continues's picture

My best friend has picked Cabo to go to this year for our birthday - we have the same birthdate and her gift to me the last couple years has been to go on trips....She picked Cabo specifically because of your birthday bash as it would be so cool to spend our birthday getaway with you at your birthday bash! Here's hoping we get tickets...:)

PUTYSCAT's picture

I didn't see anything about how many tickets you get? Is it a pair, 2 pair or what? Just wondering. Oh ya, and fingers crossed up here in Ohio. Thanks.

ronwabo's picture

Doing Cabo for my honeymoon, my fiance actually set our wedding date on 10/6 just so we could do the Birthday Bash. Hopefully we'll get lucky enough to get tix for one of those shows!

RedSwans's picture

This will be my first year too! My wife and I and another couple are heading to Cabo but only there in time for 11th and 13th shows...Just hope luck is on my side!

J Culver's picture

My entire trip & my peeps revolves around being able to attend the BIRTHDAY BASH ON THE 13th. When I see Sammy on the 13th, IT WILL COMPLETE ME! Forever Driving 55 and seeing RED! J.C.

Craig ocock's picture

I believe in "SAMMY" he is going to accomadate us one way or another. I liked the one guy who suggested the out door show, "Great Idea" I will be the cantina every night - even if I don't get tickets. My first time in Cabo and I am trying to pull one off of the bucket list!

ktanton's picture

WOW I just spent about an hour reading all these posts...Don't be negative Redheads...My first trip this year and so hoping to rock a BB show or two - been on my bucket list for years and I can't wait and am so excited. Not sure about the system but I feel confident the Redhead staff will do their best to make it fair for all of us - after all Sammy is doing these shows for his fans!! I will wait to hear more infor and do what they tell me to do to register and hope for the best...

Vacation wont be all lost - from the posts if I dont get tickets I 'll be partying on the sidewalk drinking Sammy's Beach Bar Rum!!!...

Rookie Redhead going to Cabo this year...
Katherine in Austin

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Hi, Will there be dinner tickets this year also?

Big bri's picture

Going to cabo hope I get to go to one of the shows for his bday bash! Fingers and toes crossed:)

TahoWabo's picture

Well...we will be there...Good luck to everyone!

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"Based on fan response from last year, this makes for the fairest method and avoids the first-come-first-served mad rush that requires some people to stay online all night at home or in cyber cafés around the world." I agree with those who posted that said we shoud chill and enjoy Cabo one way or the other but... "fairest method?!!: The Birthday Bash has always been first come first served! One guy complained that Dinner Show tickets were soldout before they were supposed to go on sale. He thought it was unfair that people spent their whole night and/or morning waiting in line to get tickets and he didn't get any because he came late. Same thing for online sales. I setup a Paypal account last year, which I never had, and bought a shirt at the RedRocker store to make sure it worked. I made sure I had a fast and stable internet connection. I got tickets for the two shows I wanted and watched the other two on streaming video. I worked for it and was rewarded. To me, relying on luck to establish fairness rather than preparation, commitment and dedication is truly unfair... but that's just my irish temper talking. I'll have a blast facedown in Cabo either way.

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RedRocker Team, this information should have come out long before the dates were posted. That would have at least given people a chance to decide if they wanted to take a chance or not on spending their hard earned money in this economy going to Cabo with this newly come up lottery idea. Now you have people at the short hairs who have already spent a lot of money on airfare and hotels including getting time off work to come to Cabo on the hopes of maybe winning a show or two. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Ooski55's picture

Totally agree...line time made people very respectful of everyone who attended the shows. There was no pushing or shoving by others trying to position their way to the front. Also people who were in the front would give up their position for at least two songs to let others have a chance to get things signed or take great pictures and then they would move back where they came from. No longer, they push their way up to the front expecting to stay there. When we had to start paying for the shows, people felt a since of entitlement since they paid money for the show. It did not matter where they were in line, they thought it was fine to push their way no matter who was in front of them. This will be our last show in Cabo if we in fact get lucky enough to be picked in this new system. Grab the cash from the fans now while you can, because the die hard fans that we know will no longer ride this wave the way it stands now.

rocknroll's picture

Fingers are crossed for Oct 11 and 13! I already booked my timeshare and my airfare for the trip, REALLY want to be there for his 65th birthday. Looking forward to a good time with my friends and meeting some new friends/Redheads!


davocabo's picture

I will admit at first I was a little disappointed after the announcement, however the truth is I am going to Cabo to party with my friends and get away from reality for 8 days! What could be worse??? Winning tickets, getting in and fighting with drunks who have never been and think they have the right to push their way to the front because it is their first time. That is what I miss most about the way things were on my first trip 10 years ago. Except for a few odd balls, everyone was fairly respectful to each other. You could pass an item to get autographed from the back all the way to the front and it would make it back to you…. Now you would never see that happen! The process has changed and along with it so has the vibe….. It is still great to be with my friends and Sammy rockn the Cabo Wabo, there was just something about the crowds when you had to sacrifice your time to be there, there was a mutual respect…. You Cabo veterans know what I am talking about! It made it just a little special. Damn I am old!!! See in Cabo, Show or No Show!

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Have a great time to all of you who get tickets. I have been to a bash but can't make it to Cabo this October, but will be there with my girl over Valentine's day 2013. I will be at the Cantina every night hoping that Sammy will show up and surprise us with a set. This happened to us in 2006 and was awesome.

To all of you who try and can't get tickets. Please, still go to Cabo. It is an amazing experience and is still by far my favorite place in Mexico. Go to the Cantina on a night that Sammy is not scheduled to perform. You never know what will happen. I also must say that the house band is very, very good. I have never had a disappointment at the CaboWabo Cantina.

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I already have my flights and hotel booked without knowing the status of tickets. It would be nice if the people who actually have committed and spent money to travel to Cabo should have the opportunity to go and be given consideration to tickets first. It would be simple to email a flight itinerary to 1013 club to confirm those who are actually flying in now and committed already. Pearl Jam Ten Club gives members first crack at everything that goes on sale. We all have ideas but the bottom line is the dedicated Redheads spent alot of their hard earned money to follow Sammy around the globe. I do understand that Sammy wants to give people a lottery type chance but a bigger venue, i.e. would solve that one. Thanks for listening. I'm still coming down and hopefully will see you inside.

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I have never been for the B-Day bash and have been waited for the annoucemnt about the tickets. It will be disappointing for sure if I don't get in but having to watch a clock and try to get tickets online is also stressful. I have been to many many Sammy shows and my experience is he does so much for his fans! He is just trying to make this a good experience for all. It's not like there are alot of singers throwing birthday bashes! Lightn up and be positive - those complaining could be the ones getting tickets! I myself am going to be positive and believe! Redheads have great Karma!

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Flight and Riu Palace booked....Oct 5-19 coming from Canada. 2 weeks of BLISS. Going to Lands End with my girlfriend, a HUGE smile from last year’s memorable Bday shows and hopefully tickets to this years.

Just an idea Sammy and the Red Rocker Team, what about renting the "Sammy Hagar International Airport or some large local outdoor venue and allow anyone, EVERYONE who IS a true fan that shows up in Cabo to triple their experience with a much needed vacation with the One and Only Sammy Hagar for HIS Birthday….. Guaranteed. Now that would make sense.

Just think about it, how many people go just to get in for "A" show if they are lucky? The birthday bash last year out front was not only a great surprise but a huge thrill for the extra fans that normally wouldn't have seen the show. We all know that Sammy can't help the fact that he has more passionate dedicated fans than anyone else in the music industry that they literally come from all the lengths of the earth to party in Cabo with. Think about it, if we can pass the word to them down at “Red Rocker Central” pulling the strings… to bring the show to the next level, especially since Sam will be the big "6-5"....and EVERYONE wants a piece of that show, GET THEM TO MOVE THE SHOW out of the outgrown Cantina. Then no one can wine, complain or bitch. It's CABO BABY!!! Everybody would be happy.
I’m booked without even knowing if I can secure 2 tickets for one show. How many of you fans are waiting to see if you can get a ticket before booking time off work, finding a flight and or vacation package? If we can all push this to the Red Rocker Team, they will give it some more thought. Then no one has any reason to complain. “IF YOU BUILD IT….REDROCKER FANS WILL COME.” And they will ALL leave with HUGE SMILES. 

Sammy, if you actually get the opportunity to read this, PLEASE consider my idea. I’ll even offer my services to help put on the show, no charge. Roadie for a day? That would be a blast working beside your crew of dedicated employee’s.

p.s. did you actually receive the Mercedes Benz Shifter Wine Stoppers last year that I gave to Horhay ? I have to know.


kelliwayne's picture

Since I waited to buy air tickets, I really don't have a problem with this process. I hope to score some though!

sherryguy's picture

I'm excited we Know What to Do !
Good Luck Everyone ! There's 12 of us going - Just Have to think Positive !

sherryguy's picture

Hell I was worried my computer wouldn't be fast enough,lol
It is What it is, So everyone register & good Luck, I Plan on Some of us Winning the chance to buy the tickets, there's 12 of us, and Like so many others we Have had it All Planned & Payed for for several months.
Good Luck - And I am just relieved We Know - Better then the waiting.
We will be there to Party either Way !

johnrondeau's picture

When does registration start?

kodymichael's picture

Will there still be the ability to get dinner tickets this year?? Do I have to win to have the ability to get them?? Thank you.

Woody in Cabo's picture

It really doesnt matter the process for distributing tickets, someone is gonna not be happy. Grab a shot of cabo sit back and see how this raffle plays out. Since I purchased a piece of paradise in Cabo two years ago, believe me my 2 week vacation will not be ruined if I dont see every show down there. I had to clean up my posts so they actually make it up on the page.

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same here Steve, just waiting on tickets

jkdickinson's picture

We're going to Cabo to have a good time, A better time would be if we can get tickets to the BD Bash. When the drawing starts does anyone know if we can get more than two tickets. There are 4 of us Redheads coming down from Seattle and it would sure suck if we can only get our hands on 2 tickets...just sayin

Andrea2917's picture

We are travelling in a group of 4, will i be able to buy 4 tickets or only 2.......do all 4 of us need to register?????

Dobber812's picture

I sure hope this works out for all of us who've already spent thousands for our trips...

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It's been almost two years since our last visit to Cabo in the Fall. It will be interesting to see if this way to distribute tix for bd bash will work? The Redrocker (SH)& Team is listening and trying to keep us all happy by trying to make the distribution and sale of the bd bash tixs available to all. So weather we get our tix this new way...it remains to be seen if there's always going to be someone "not happy" So Redhead bros and sistas best wishes for your try for the golden tickets! I plan on getting in on the registration for tickets aka/lottery and if the stars are aligned I will get my tix to the bash party dates, but if no tix are won... I will still get to Cabo and party! Make the best of it! Looking forward to spending a wonderful fun loving vacation at the Finesterra, CWC, cantinas all over town, beach party or on an excursion for the day... it will all be one magical time.

jimbo4345's picture

I say oh baby,
Your pushin too hard
Your pushin too hard
You got to LIGHTEN UP!

Come on people, calm down, its way to early to be complaining this much. LIGHTEN UP and have a shot, or a beer, or Shaka Doobie, or go get a massage, or do something, but just LIGHTEN UP! If you wanna waste your time ranting over some shit you can't control, go play around on Twitter or Facebook, or one of those other lame ass social networking sites!

And shame on those of you who are sitting here knocking Sammy. He has done nothing but keep it real with his fans, year after year. It's not about the money to him, if it was, tickets would be much higher than $55, and he would have a system set up with Live Nation or Ticketmaster that charges a $15 per ticket service charge! True the shows aren't as long as they used to be, but nobody's shows are. Shit, the "great" city of London just cut off Springsteen and McCartney mid-jam at 10:43 pm Saturday night. Who does that? Yes he is pushing 65, but he still rocks with the best of them, and in my opinion, he sounds better than ever! Who else (especially Sammy's age) throws a party like this every year, over his birthday, FOR HIS FANS? NOBODY!

All of you true Red Rockers are awesome, so keep throwing out your support, and be patient, and good things will come! The rest of you posers can go over to VHND and go support that other band that just bitched out on another tour! In fact, since that band has nothing to offer its fans, they usually just rant about Sammy and Mikey anyway, so you should fit right in.

Rock on True Redheads!


songbyrd66's picture

Went last year and waited in line for dinner tickets. I was leaving Cabo the day after his first show. Got tickets, had a blast! Change is hard...but if there weren't so many people taking more than their fare share of tickets, this change wouldn't be necessary. Seems to me that the new way gives more peeps a chance to enjoy an evening with Sammy. Adapt and adjust Red Rockers and have a little faith.

brianf000's picture

I just think it is stupid as you are now going to get ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE putting their names and some not ending up going, or couples putting in both names for a better chance of trying to get tickets then getting four tickets then scalping two. The only time when people where up all night was when they went on sale for the first time and there was a problem. The second time they went on sale, each show sold out in about 10 minutes.

postalboy's picture

We won't be able to go this year :( Good luck with the lottery !!

brianf000's picture

Sorry missread. I hope I can get TIX

brianf000's picture

I think that is B***S***. I do not spend all of my time posting but I have spent the last 13 years going to the B-Day bash. It will REALLY PISSES ME OFF that the that the people that are stuck to the internet have a better chance then we do!

rachelc097's picture

I hope we get tickets! Maybe after all the negitve post they will open somthing up for the redheads or club 1013.