Aaron & The Wabos playing two shows in Tahoe this weekend June 15th & 16th

June 12, 2012
Aaron & The Wabos playing two shows in Tahoe this weekend June 15th & 16th

This is the best you're gonna get until the big show on September 1st...

Aaron & The Wabos are playing this weekend! With Jesse Bradman on vocals/keys (Poison, Night Ranger, Aldo Nova). June 15th and 16th, Tahoe Wabo at Harrah's South Lake Tahoe.

Three hours of music - two hours of the best rock covers you'd want plus Aaron is doing a one hour set of Hagar catalog!


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We had a GREAT time with Jesse, Aaron, David, Mona and Vic. Totally rocked the Tahoe Wabo! We went of Friday and came back up the hill on Saturday because we couldn't get enough. Everyone in the Cantina had a good time, even the young ones. Really need to do more with the Wabo's at the Cantina in South Lake. It was especially nice to see Aaron doing some of the Hagar catalog...the apple and tree story there. Aaron did a good job and played some of our favorite songs. Looking forward to September 1st, but sure wish there would be something with the Wabo's, Jesse and Aaron before then!