2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo

July 17, 2012

Calling all Redheads!

We're excited to finally announce details on how things will go down for the 2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo!

This year we are selling tickets through a random drawing system. Based on fan response from last year, this makes for the fairest method and avoids the first-come-first-served mad rush that requires some people to stay online all night at home or in cyber cafés around the world.

Registration for the drawing will open up next week, and run through the end of the week. Details and links will be posted then and worry not, you will have the whole week to register and winners will be selected the following week.

Registration will be done separately for each show (October 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th) so plan on registering for whatever shows you would like to purchase tickets for. You'll be allowed to register once for each show.

Tickets will still be priced at $55 with NO additional service fees.

All shows are doors at 7:30pm and show time is 9:30pm

As always, tickets are non-transferrable and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (drivers license or passport).


154 Redhead Comments

chuckiam's picture

I agree,with jimbo4345 , people just need to calm down... you will never make everbody happy... If you are planning your trip just to see Sammy you need more in your life, your going to Cabo for a vaction and to relax, it wont be the end of your world if you dont get into the shows....I'v been down there 6 times and never watied in line and got into many shows, I would not waste my vaction sleeping on the sidewalk to see anybody's show... Just give it a chance go to Cabo and have fun not everbody can do that be blessed that you can go!!!!

Triped booked in Feb staying at the RUI Palce...

Chuck I Am

lisab068's picture

random drawing system? Can you explain a little more? I wasn't aware of what was suggested last year.



kissexy's picture

well i guess for those of us already going it is a done deal just will have to hope and pray we get tickets but it still a great party even if dont cant cry too much

mrsdrsb's picture

Vacation already booked, fingers and toes crossed we get tickets for all 4 shows!!

sunsgr8's picture

I'm not going this year but I have been a few times in years past and I am very dissapointed that Sammy is even charging for the tickets, he has always been known to be a down to earth kinda rockstar and now it seems that the almighty dollar wins out again, I still love the RedRocker but man it sounds like being able to go and enjoy him in Cabo is becoming a big pain in the A$$!!!!

vampri37's picture

Here we go, hope it works , last year got in 1 show, the rest of the week stayed at rip's and got ripped. still copuld hear the jams, but always better to see the whole weeks worth. ill cross my red haed fingers and see how it goes down.

kiki's picture

I planned my vacation around the Bday Bash so I really hope to get tickets.

metalworld's picture

I guess our best chance would be if Sammy plays 2 shows a day .....one during the day and one at night just like before and may be play all the shows outdoors??? that would allocate more people applying for tix online .....dunno its just an idea :)

Elquailo's picture

Well, we're booked and coming to Cabo for the whole ride no matter what, along with two other couples. I sure hope this works out so at least each of us gets at least one show, but that sure is risky. We're obviously all going to have to simply trust that people don't abuse this and only register if they really, really plan to be there, and that the RedRocker team will deal with it all as fairly as they can.

mj8ball1's picture

Exactly this might end up working great.

mj8ball1's picture

I have gone to two shows the last two years by doing the race to get tickets at the top of every hour!! I would prefer to do it this way!! It is a lottery either way!! Last year the show on the 11th sold out in less than TWO Minutes that's pretty much a lottery!! The only reason the 10/13 show didn't sell that fast was because the system messed up and they sold three times as many tickets as they were supposed to!!
I hope this works well out well for everyone!! If we don't get tickets we can get Ripped at Rip's and listen from the outside!!
See you in Cabo!! RIU Palace for us!!

davidh023's picture

Ok not one to usually complain but this idea sucks! We have planned our vacation schedule around the birthday bash and we may not be able to attend???? I am a loyal redhead and have made the trip to Cabo before for this specific event! Cabo is great but if I can't attend the bash then I really have no desire to go to Cabo! Please reconsider this method of obtaining tickets!!! Every one wants a fair chance but I feel like sitting at your computer and attempting to purchase them when they post is more fair than a random drawing!!!! I hope if it doesn't change that I am able to win more than one set otherwise the trip will be a loss:(

dover1925's picture

Well it is obvious which way the fans are leaning on this one! I agree the #1 thing to do would be announce how many tickets you are hoping to "win" in the lottery. I guess the up side is that scalpers can't buy the show out, so maybe that will open up more tickets to people that actually want to show up rather than scalp them on the open market.

We have or flights and resort booked too. We're going with 15 friends so I'm sure I'll have a lot of fun in Cabo with or without the show, but this seems to make it possible if not likely that some or most of our group won't get to any show. Going to a show as a group would be about as likely as winning a real lottery :)

jimbo4345's picture

This is one of those things where you won't be able to please everybody. People are going to bitch regardless of how tickets are handed out. Give it a chance Redheads! They changed it last year for a couple of reasons. A) people were bitching, and B) the weather was kind of hectic for a few years there, bringing potential health hazards to those standing in line. So they changed it last year, and people bitched more. Granted the system froze up, but they halted the sale, fixed the issue, and did it right at a later time, based on people's requests. With all the Live Nation/Ticketmaster issues that take place all the time, I have never heard of any other artist halting the sale and restarting it later.

So now they are trying to come up with something that works, and people are bitching again. Give it a chance. Let them post the info next week, and see how this is going to work. I am sure they will post info for both how many tickets we will be allowed to buy, and whether Dinner Tickets will be sold, but be patient. I haven't made my travel arrangements yet, but my wife and I are going regardless of whether I get tickets or not. I hope we get to go to all 4 shows, and I will try for Dinner Tickets for whatever shows I do not get a chance to pre-buy. But if we don't get in, we will make the best of it, enjoy the party on the outside and the entire trip to Cabo!

Thanks Red Rocker team for trying your best to appease us antsy Redheads!


Dobber812's picture

Geez!!! First VH cancels my front row seats...now after spending 4k, I gotta hope to win a lottery???? Ive tried and failed to get tix at least 5-6 times...

My guess is people who've bought trips wont get tickets, and people will win tickets and not be able to get a trip...awesome!!!

andrews059's picture

Flying from Australia everything booked and paid for
I better get tickets !

Suepet's picture

We are booked for cabo for the third time this year; we missed out on tickets the last two times because they changed the way to get them every time. Hopefully we get lucky for once and get to see the show. We'll put put our name for all shows for 2 persons. Good luck to all!

jjcabo's picture

BOY oh BOY This could be wild I Pray I get tix to the shows I have been booked a YEAR for this event I'll be praying like mad

kgirlsx3's picture

Just like All redheads out there, I would be bummed if I don't get tickets. I planned this trip last October. I would just like to get into at least ONE show. I've been to several chicken foot concerts but I have never had the chance to go to Cabo. I just want the same chance as everyone else. Guess all we can do is hope for the best, or ....just party in the street as everyone says!

kelcorbin's picture

@cabobrian You have a great attitude. I agree with you. I want to get tickets for my sister’s 50th birthday so bad I can’t stand it, but the reality is, we will be spending her 50th in Cabo and if we have to party outside, so be it. I will keep my fingers crossed that we win the draw, but if we don’t, we will party on the street with the other “losers”. Stay positive everyone.

sharonw014's picture

A few years ago they gave away some tickets ahead of time by lottery, (I was lucky and won 2 tickets), then, you could wait in line for tickets the morning of the show and they were all free!
Those were the good old days!

CaboKathy's picture

Gosh! I sure hope we get tickets since we're already booked! We sooo can't wait to party with Sammy and all you great Redheads!!

Can you please tell us what happens if a couple trys to win and they both win (not that we'd get that lucky but someone may) but not all tickets are needed? Thanks!

k9danno69's picture

like everyone, ive booked a flight and hotel and im bringing LOTS of peeps and this just burst my baloon. So if i win how many tickets can i buy?

dianeg097's picture

Why don't they just give tickets to the Redheads who have already said they're going....you know it would be pretty easy to tell from the response on this site....or at least give everyone a chance at one show at least. Yes I know some people want to go to EVERY show, but hey, since we never got any Chickenfoot concerts here I am going to say that SOME of us have seen Sammy a hundred times but SOME of us have not seen much of him at all! Since going to Hawaii or Las Vegas is out of the question for us coming from Canada, Cabo is the ONLY place we can go to see him, unless of course we travel to Europe (which is extremely expensive!).
So we liked the "old way" as well, lining up & meeting people was so much fun. What happens now to people who get tickets to a show they can't go to because of flights or date of arrival/departure?
Guess this is the best way they can think of, I hope the "random" picking will not have some sort of "special" picking...I know there's always a VIP list & the "backdoor" entrance, so hopefully everyone will get to see Sammy at least once! We have been to Cabo 6 times now & have seen him twice, would like to see him just one more time, that's all I want!

Shane's picture

I can't be there this year, but will be back next year.I hope it changes back to the way it was last year. It worked great after they got the crash problem fixed.Also I tryed to get dinner tickets last year and showed up early but tickets were already gone, befor the time they said they would go on sale. Good luck to those Redheads who will be trying to get tix.

CaboHolly's picture

Can't wait. Already have all the travel arrangements finished. Two weeks in Cabo!

Woody in Cabo's picture

Getty up !! Finally...Tix...listen to all of this "Crap". How else do you people want this to go down? Nobody like last years way, nobody likes waiting in the street, nobody likes the random drawings. I was happy the day I bought my place in Cabo and I have a piece of paradise to go to when ever I want. I see Sammy(Chickenfoot) when ever they come around in Chicago.. I hope I see him in Cabo but it by no means will my trip be ruined if I dont. Relax and grab a shot of Cabo Wabo and wait till the results of the drawing before you start "Loading the gun" See you all in Cabo, I will be there from Sept 27-October 11.

earle1231's picture

I've never seen so many adult cry babies .

caribbeanqueen's picture

Wow :( I have been checking this website 3x daily for the "video" he made to announce the Bash. I want to hear from Sammy that HE thinks this is his way of saying " Welcome to the My Party " I cant believe that this is his Idea.

Where is the video ?

crhelm's picture

I know this will come up a lot, but we already booked our trip and this will be/was going to be our first bash. Not getting tic would suck !

redrocker327's picture

This does not totally give all that I feel is needed. The first being how many tickets can you buy if your one of the chosen ones. The second being will there be the option like previous years of dinner/show ticket. I also think that if you can show that you were a previous bash attendee that you should be given the chance to buy tickets to at least one show that you will be in Cabo for.

cabobrian's picture

For the first 18 years waiting in line worked just fine. If you really wanted to go to one of the shows you put your time in. There was no chance of a computer freezing up or now a game of chance. Be careful what you wish, or whine for... This is Cabo people, not a show at your local theater. You don't get to choose what section or balcony your seat is in. I'm going and I have spent some dough to be there. I sure hope I get a ticket for a show or two. But if I don't I wont be pissed. I will have a blast seeing all the friends I have made over the past twelve years waiting in line. I feel sorry for those of you that feel you your trip will be wrecked if you do not get the tickets you need for the date you need them. I'm still going to Cabo and I like that.

And if you don't get in, the party outside rocks!

Harleymomma08's picture

To the Admin - if our name is drawn are we able to purchase 2 tickets or only 1??? How would you know if we need 2 tickets.

Just like several of you on here - we have our plane tickets and condo bought and paid for! I guess we will just have to register next week and wish for the best!

Good luck to all!

wendyd072's picture

Not at all happy about this! I already booked my trip. I am going to be one unhappy camper if I can't get tickets now! I am not the "lucky" type person that wins random drawings. The first come first serve method is much more fair than this. If it is something you really want to do, there would be no complaining about waiting on line or taking off work! You just do it! Way to upset your fans.....

dkapla's picture

This doesn't seem like a great way to do it. We already paid for our flight and hotel to Cabo SPECIFICALLY to attend this event. Our first time in Cabo and to the bday bash. Now we may not event be able to buy tickets to the show? Swapped out our annual Vegas trip for this. Will be very disappointing if we aren't 'randomly selected' for tickets.

bad565's picture

Man this news totally bummed me out. Just praying I get tickets. My wife and I have passed on many fun opportunities this year planning on going to cabo and seeing Sammy. I'm going to be so devastated being in cabo during the bash and not being inside if I can't get tixs... Trying to stay positive hoping all the real redheads get tickets...

beckiwallace64's picture

oh man!!! this is really bad news for those of us who have already purchased our airfare...and hotel and have been looking daily as to when we can buy our bash tickets. majorly sucks and makes me sad.......

Boston Dan's picture

Couldn't agree more. Please change it back to the way it was. If for no other reason, there are MANY people who have already booked airfare and hotels who assumed the tickets would be sold the same as last year. And now these people are screwed if they don't get picked for the show they were planning and able to go to. This is a mess.

jimandjohna's picture

Make the best of any situation.

caboballz's picture

This keeps getting worse every year. Everyone used to have a shot at tickets, they just needed to put in the time on the street. Then you had to pay for tickets and be lucky enough to get them online in the 2 mins. before they sold out. Now you have to be selected. Next the only people that will be able to attend the shows will be Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Ted Nugent, Vinny Paul, Chad Kroeger, Emeril, Guy Fieri, Tommy Lee, and any other musician, food network personality, or celebrity that wants to hang in Cabo. No more access for the everyday fan that enjoys these events every year or once in a lifetime. Now I'll have a chance to go to Hawaii instead. Makes the decision easy. Gonna miss my amigos in Baja without a doubt. How much BULLSHIT are we expected to put up with? By Invitation Only. REALLY? Not everyone is a Millionaire Rock Star. I always connected with Sammy because of the way he treats his fans. This seems so ROTH!!

Billwave's picture

Sammy as you can see from all the post here, NO one is happy. Random drawings suck. I feel I'm speaking for all loyal Redheads here; Please change this process to how it was last year.

caboballz's picture

This keeps getting worse every year. Everyone used to have a shot at tickets, they just needed to put in the time on the street. Then you had to pay for tickets and be lucky enough to get them online in the 2 mins. before they sold out. Now you have to be selected. Next the only people that will be able to attend the shows will be Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Ted Nugent, Vinny Paul, Chad Kroeger, Emeril, Guy Fieri, Tommy Lee, and any other musician, food network personality, or celebrity that wants to hang in Cabo. No more access for the everyday fan that enjoys these events every year or once in a lifetime. Now I'll have a chance to go to Hawaii instead. Makes the decision easy. Gonna miss my amigos in Baja without a doubt. How much BULLSHIT are we expected to put up with? By Invitation Only. REALLY? Not everyone is a Millionaire Rock Star. I always connected with Sammy because of the way he treats his fans. This seems so ROTH!!

erink037's picture

Unbelievable, I am so disappointed in the way the tickets will be handled for the shows in Cabo, I have been going for the past 13 years and never had a problem with tickets. Thanks to all the complainers from last year to ruin it for everyone else. I knew adventually something like this would happen. I feel it should stay the same first come first serve on purchasing tickets like last year and the year before. Talk about not fair you should be in Cabo wait in line all night and get up the booth to get tickets and they tell you sorry but we are sold out. Talk about not fair.. Oh well guess this will be it for us this year.

cindyh050's picture

Unbelievable, if this is the way of the future, i dont see a future happening, i think hes planning on calling it quits on us.....i too, already booked cabo in the fall, and will be really upset if i do not get tickets.....i am one of those people who NEVER WIN ANYTHING! I FEEL LIKE I JUST WASTED A TON OF HARD EARNED MONEY FOR NOTHING.....OH Well, its his call, nothing we can do but hope for the best....

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markl052's picture

This is a terrible idea- worse than sleeping out for tix. Why mess with what worked for last 2 years? I've already spent 3k on this trip and now I am in a lottery and don't control my own destiny to go to a show? Really Really pi____!

luv2cabowabo's picture

I hate to be one of "those" people, but this blows! We've been booked for six months to go with another couple. We are traveling together but now we may not get to party together (assuming only 2 tickets will be sold per drawn name)?!? Every Joe Schmoe who thinks he "may" make it to Cabo will register even if getting there is nearly impossible. How is that fair?

johnjulie05's picture

Well, I have mixed feelings about this way of getting tickets. I already have hotel and air and if I happen to NOT get randomly selected for any of the shows then my whole purpose for going gets shot down. I got tickets two years ago for the 13th and it really wasn't all that difficult to navigate the system. I guess I just need to stay positive and keep my fingers crossed that my random online registration will be one of the lucky ones to get picked. Any chance of tickets being sold on site for any of the shows?

Deb Fowler's picture

Not happy with this news. I am never one of the lucky ones. When it comes to random. Draws. Trip is already booked. Gonna be a bummer with no tix. To a show.....ugh

Steve1014's picture

This actually works out better than camping out all night! Knowing in advance allows for everyone to plan ahead instead of having to come to town not knowing if you would be able to get tickets or not.