2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo

July 17, 2012

Calling all Redheads!

We're excited to finally announce details on how things will go down for the 2012 Birthday Bash in Cabo!

This year we are selling tickets through a random drawing system. Based on fan response from last year, this makes for the fairest method and avoids the first-come-first-served mad rush that requires some people to stay online all night at home or in cyber cafés around the world.

Registration for the drawing will open up next week, and run through the end of the week. Details and links will be posted then and worry not, you will have the whole week to register and winners will be selected the following week.

Registration will be done separately for each show (October 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th) so plan on registering for whatever shows you would like to purchase tickets for. You'll be allowed to register once for each show.

Tickets will still be priced at $55 with NO additional service fees.

All shows are doors at 7:30pm and show time is 9:30pm

As always, tickets are non-transferrable and you will be required to show proper photo ID to pick up your tickets (drivers license or passport).


154 Redhead Comments

scottys26's picture

Maybe not Bill. Tickets are non-transferrable so I'm not sure people would register if they weren't planning on coming to Cabo for the shows. My guess is you will have to supply a valid credit card when you register and if you are chosen you will automatically be charged for two tickets.

CaboNFall's picture

Will they be spaced out enough so you know whether you got tickets for each show? What I am getting at is I am only wanting to go to 2 shows so will i know before the drawing for the next show if I got tickets for the 1st show or do I still need to sign up for all 4 and then just not purchase the 2 other shows if I am lucky enough to be selected for all of them???

jewelishere's picture

Hopefully each winning registrant will get 2 tickets????

Billwave's picture

Well that sucks! They will end up with loads of people who may or may not be actually coming to Cabo with a shot a getting tickets.