Past Event

Oct 7 2021
Birthday Bash 2021 - Acoustic VIP Show and Q&A Night 1 @ Catalina Casino
1 Casino Way
Avalon, CA


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 5:00PM.
Doors: 3:00 PM.
No line-ups are allowed until 1 hour before doors.
This year's BIRTHDAY BASH is moving to the Avalon Casino Ballroom on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles! 
This first night is a special Acoustic Performance and Q&A with Sammy Hagar & The Circle and only available as part of the VIP PACKAGE, which includes tickets for all three shows, plus a special merch bundle. Hear the real stories behind the songs!
Full details at


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  • 2021-10-07 @ Birthday Bash 2021 - Acoustic VIP Show and Q&A Night 1 @ Catalina Casino


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 33 Redhead Comments

doshro's picture

I'm going, see you all there!

kcrules69's picture

Did everyone see the show is at 5pm On Thursday.

rockinronnie's picture

I’m going

cabojohnny5150's picture

Got my VIP tickets. I can’t wait.
Sammy I hope you know Returning of the Wish. I will be requesting that one.'s picture

whooohooo VIP 3 dayer see you there REDHEAD's...

maryhem's picture

I just canceled two rooms at El Terado Terrace so they are available for someone who needs a room!

cabojohnny5150's picture

When do the single tickets go on sale now that the lottery purchases have ended? I didn’t get picked in the lottery and don’t want to mis out.

Rock HARD Candy's picture

Can't wait, 9/11 at home in T-town and then CATALINA BABY!! Fingers crossed that we'll all be partying together for Sammy's b-day!!

kcrules69's picture

Go my Tix for the bash all 3 nights... Yeaaah.

kcrules69's picture

Still waiting on Lottery Draw for Tix...

Cobber777's picture

I have not seen any emails, so not sure. Anyone received an email yet?

Sally Adams's picture

Anyone know if Lottery has been drawn yet?? Or when they will draw??
Just want to know if I didn't get the chance to buy......

sleder's picture

I have room booked and hope to get tickets. We just got married and this could be our honeymoon. Had a Rock theme wedding, walked down the aisle to Your Love is Driving Me Crazy and we all did a shot to Mas Tequila.

Santa-Kevin's picture

SUCKS, that no individual days can be bought. It is either all three at a high price or two nights. I booked a room for the 7th when this was first announced. (Should have reserved three nights) So only way to go is get lucky and buy a ticket to VIP and go three nights. But rooms the 8th and 9th Not sure. But all tolled will be around $1500 give or take.

Love Sammy but can't justify this one. Oh well I got a ticket to Huntington Beach. ( Let's see if this promoter gets it done! )

Santa-Kevin's picture

Yes read above, But here is the information>

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN UNTIL AUG 17! To register and see all details and rules, visit

jwever's picture

Booked our spot on the island, just waiting on tickets, any news

Santa-Kevin's picture

No problem, wear a mask.

not2awnry's picture


mattpaegel's picture

I wonder how the new indoor mask mandate will change things?

mattpaegel's picture

I wonder how the new indoor mask mandate will change things?

Santa-Kevin's picture

So When do we Redheads get our chance at tickets?
ticketmaster made me mad this morning trying to score Stones tickets. Kept getting "Can't do this on this device" Both PC and tablet.

Booked a room now a ticket please

marks1971's picture

I have my boat tickets and my spot at Hermit Gulch campground. I hope I can get tickets!

jwever's picture

My husband and booked the Airbnb, flight, just waiting for tickets to show.

Punkboy1972's picture

When tickets go on sale

Santa-Kevin's picture

Remains to be seen

redrocker327's picture

You won't have any problem getting tickets

redrocker327's picture

You won't have any problem getting tickets

MAKO's picture

Cant wait.. I used to live in Avalon... we will be coming over from Oceanside, On my boat "The One Eyed Jack" The ballroom is awesome! What history! Sammy Hagar in the casino ballroom in Avalon I have to be there!

Cobber777's picture

Last years was awesome!!! Hope to see it this year in person!!!!

BlueWoodson's picture

Never been to Sammy's birthday bash before. Room and airline tickets bought. Waiting to score some tickets for the show. Ready to Rock

Mortis5150's picture

I want to go!!!!

SoCalDawn's picture

Room booked
Hope my luck is better than the last few years entering the lottery system to secure tickets.. Didn't get to go

Santa-Kevin's picture

Booked a room, Now need to score a ticket.