BIRTHDAY BASH 2021 Catalina Island

July 20, 2021 by kcrules69

Who is going, here are a few tips, book hotels or airbnb in Long Beach, Huntington Beach or Newport Beach for best access to Catalina Island, Ferries to the Island are in Long Beach and Newport Beach. Airports LAX, Long Beach or Ontario CA. Car rental rates at all airports are sky high WEW. Let's party and have a great time RED Heads...Mas Tequila...

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Whats the VIP ticketmaster code? The one in the email DOES NOT WORK!!!

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Lucky you! None for me. Was it VIP or the second choice tickets? Hoping I can get in on the single day now.

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Got my Tix Today...

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No email about tickets, and no indication here or on Twitter that ticket emails have been sent yet.

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Ok, Sunday 8-22-21 is almost over. Today was supposed to be lottery selection day. No tickets for me. Did anyone else get tickets?

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I checked, the Casino ballroom capacity is 1400. So, the covid verification would apply.

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Just adding the state of California is requiring that all people be vaccinated or show proof of a negative covid-19 test, this is for all indoor events of 1000 or more people starting September 1st.

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I see they changed the registration page last night - finally closed it. So HOPING we start seeing emails today! All my fingers are crossed.

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Still waiting on the lottery winners to be announced. Fingers crossed!!! In the meantime, counting down to flying out and catching North Dakota’s Casino show next week. SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! \m/

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Still been waiting to see if the lottery happen yet...

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Has anyone been notified about winning the ticket lottery for the Sammy's Birthday bash? They mentioned folks would be notified today, August 18th. Thank you!

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Hi Folks,
Finally got membership into the Red Rockers! I've been going to Catalina for 20+ years for mini-vacations. I know the drill to getting there and leaving. I also have a few recommendations where to stay. But, Avalon is small, so most hotels will work. Don't plan to stay there unless you've got a room reservation. I mean, you can't show up then easily try to find a room. Catalina Express is the best way to get there. They are out of San Pedro, Long Beach and Dana Point. Check their schedule as late return trips are limited to certain days and certain ports. Here's to hoping we all get tickets to The Circle's Catalina show! Rock \m/

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Hey Everyone,

Is anyone privy to what the masking or
vax policies are?

Also, any clue on availability and average
lodging cost for overnight would be?

Sammy is the (almost) 74 year old we all need to aspire to be!

Thank You

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All indicators are that the shows are going to be sold in the traditional manner, not by lottery.

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On the weekends the Ferry returns 10:15- 11:30pm and I am sure they would run the shows earlier in the day so no one gets stuck on the island.

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Does we know if or when they're going to do a raffle for BB tickets?

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Bad Idea The last Ferry leaves at 7:30 PM. you will be stuck on the island with no room and no way to get home until the next day.