August 31, 2021 by freeze700

So I have been trying to get birthday bash tickets for many years. I have never been selected. This year I requested VIP Tickets and once again no luck. I received an email today that stated there was one last chance to get VIP Tickets because not everyone selected purchased their tickets. You can imagine how excited I was for the opportunity. The email contained a special link and password to access the tickets at 12pm (PT). 1st issue is that the 12pm time is not really accurate because when I logged in a 12pm it asked me to join a waiting room that already contained who knows how many people? What time did the waiting room start? After 12pm it redirected me to a queue and then finally to enter the special code. I enter the code and it said the code is incorrect and to give it another try. What? How disappointing! I feel so mislead on the actual time I could have been in line and what is this nonsense of the code being incorrect?

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Did you get your tickets? We had a problem purchasing ours too, but we emailed Ticketmaster and they helped us. Sammy's team was also ready to step in if Ticketmaster wasn't able to fix it. I think there are less than 12 VIP tickets left.