BIRTHDAY BASH 2021 Catalina Island

August 23, 2021 by kcrules69

Got My Tix For the Bash.. Who Else is Coming to Catalina....

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Did you find a place stay yet?

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Hi there ToyNova63

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I have two round trip ferry tickets Fri-Sun and a weekend campground reservation spot at Hermit Gulch campground if anyone needs them. Will sell them for what I paid for them.

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There are still a few rentals at Catalina Island vacations. If you have tix for shows on Friday or Saturday stay in Long Beach and use the ferry.. Much cheaper..
Did everyone see the show on Thursday October 7th is at 5pm.

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We are trying to figure lodging out also.. anyone wanna go in on a place.. didn't think it would be so hard

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Finding a room on the Island is impossible.. Anyone in need of sharing.. These places are pretty spending..

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I'll buy your room

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Got ours today on limited single day sale. Anyone else staying at the Catalina Courtyard Suites?'s picture

VIP ticket...whooohoo See you Redheads in a month

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We scored 4 tix for the weekend!!!!! Super bummed we can’t find a place to stay. May have to sell off 2 of our tix.
So excited we got picked & can’t wait to see the Redhead gang.

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When are they ever going to proceed with single day tickets??? Getting arrangements for hotel & wknd are going to be so hard if they don't hurry up!! Come on already!!

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I booked a room on Catalina a long time ago for the Bash but didn't get tickets. If anyone can't make it, I'll buy your tickets!

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No luck over here. Was really hoping to get a shot at tix especially being so close to the boat dock. Someday I'll get to the bash.

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I didn't get selected but my partner did (and didn't know until Wednesday because the email went to his Spam folder)!! He had the same issue with that device error and Ticketmaster, but finally got it resolved today. So we have 2 VIP tickets and will see you there

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I had problems with Ticketmaster using Firefox on both my laptop and my phone--it would never complete the transaction. I tried it using Google Chrome and it worked fine so try a different browser if you're still having issues.

Seems like it's not the first time I've had this problem with them--I had second row seats for Tulsa on 9/11/21 and by the time I got the system straightened out I wound up on fourth row . . . Oh well, the Birthday Bash made up for it!!!

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Mine didn't work in the beginning from my home computer, or my work computer, but I finally got to order on my phone. The tickets only say Oct 8th, I'm guessing it is just one barcode.

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Finally was able to login to Ticketmaster on my phone and get our tickets! SO EXCITED!!!

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We got a 3 bdr house for 5 of us for 500pp for 3 nights. Not bad. Comes with a 6 person golf cart. Check Catalina vacation rentals

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I got the code but having trouble with ticket master ugh. I'm gonna call them tomorrow. Flight and house booked already....

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Anyone else confused by the actual ticket from Ticketmaster? I paid $148 per ticket and it says '2 night Birthday Bash package' but only lists Oct 8 on the 2 tickets. I'm hoping that one ticket barcode works for both nights! I sent an email to Ticketmaster but no response yet.

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Can’t wait! I was drawn and I’m so excited. Love me some Sammy

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Trying to figure out lodging now. Catalina is DAMN expensive, not happy with most of the options. Any good ideas would be welcome...

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It looks like I'm still 0 for life on getting tickets :( Have fun everyone!'s picture

The Sambassador got shut out after going after the VIP package.. need one ticket per show or one VIP ticket will pay top dollar heading to the island anyway to get in somehow help this Redhead!!!