October 08, 2021 by Zoriman


Not sure if this will ever reach you, but my son encouraged me to send this out. We were at the VIP last night in Catalina and will be at the concert tonight for day 2. You talked about doing what you love last night. Looking at the stars and loving life. I started a rural health clinic ( to make a difference. It is a place to give hope. It is in one of the most economically challenged area that there is in Pennsylvania. We provide primary care, psychiatry, and addiction help to the area. Many people get second changes and hope for tomorrow. We even started a non-profit branch that is attempting to reach out to this community in many ways that will continue to give hope. There are many reasons that I started this project and outreach. One of them is the music inside. As you know, music becomes a part of you when it touches the soul. Like many, we have all had to face our demons, but Hope wins. You are part of this amazing outreach to those that need it. The local newspaper quoted me on opening day when I told them you must GIVE TO LIVE. It is part of me. I choose to GIVE TO LIVE. I was hopping at the VIP meet a greet I was going to be able to get a picture with you and place it in my main office with the words GIVE TO LIVE under it. I was not able to. I understand that would be difficult. I just want to thank you for being part of the music that drives this amazing project. Thank you for being part of the hope that is helping so many who are without hope. Thank you for helping me GIVE TO LIVE.


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