Past Event

Oct 11 2013
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 3


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the credit card MUST be the person who shows up at the door to claim their tickets. 

Dinner Show Ticket Information

  • Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person
  • Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.
  • If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.
  • Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
  • Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
    October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
    October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
  • 2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!



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 49 Redhead Comments

Dawn LSG's picture

We were there, it was awesome!!!

peniuns's picture

Anyone, Is there anyone that has any tickets for the 10/13 show please.................

skintminit's picture

Where do we get tickets

skintminit's picture

We want 3 tickets,airfare and door(just kidding) we're driving from Oklahoma...door tickets WE LOVE YA SAMMY

CruznCabo's picture

Cannot wait for the show tonight!

lars2k's picture

Laying @ the pool @ the Riu Palace knowing tonight we're gonna see Sammy & his gang! Can't believe we got tix!!!!!! Gonna be incredible!!!! SAMMY RULES!!!!!

mark portell's picture

headed to the airport, got dinner tix for 10/13 show (thanks Aaron)see everyone there FDIC

tukamot's picture

This really sucks, last minute situation and I had to cancel my trip to Cabo.

Is there any way I can get a refund for the 2 tickets I wont be using any more? Will the Cabo Wabo honor this transaction?
Thanks, Henry
Esto está de la chingada, por situación de última hora ya no podré viajar a Cabos.

¿Hay manera de cancelar y que me devuelvan mi dinero por los 2 boletos que ya no ocuparé? ¿Puede el Cabo Wabo validar esta transacción?
Gracias, Henry

redrocker327's picture

You should have no problem finding other Redrocker fans at the RIU Palace or if you jump over to the RIU Santa Fe. These two resorts are pretty high up on the list of places to stay for the bash.

Kloiseau's picture

2 Days and counting!! Coming over from Florida for the show on the 11th!! saw a show last year and plan on making it a yearly trip! Staying at the RIU palace with a buddy - has anyone stayed there before??

Blaze's picture

we're down to counting the days brother, I can already taste the Tequila...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013

Later Jeff

mtmazz's picture

Just thought I'd try again. Looking to get 2 people into any of the shows. We signed up for the lotteries and got nothing.
I've been there dozens of times but have a friend coming with this time whose 50th birthday is this month and he & his wife would love to see a Sammy show. We'll probably take a shot at the dinner show tickets, but if anyone has any extra or wants to sell their second ticket etc please let us know.

Chowderhouse's picture

Aced out also, if anybody out there has any info on last min tickets please let me know. I will be down there 10th through 15th I will probably be to late to stand in line for dinner tix so Im probably screwed. Any help would be appreciated.

davido98031's picture

As I sit here in rainy Seattle I am thankful for many things in life......Especially Cabo in three weeks and 2 tickets to the Friday show w/ Sammy and friends! I can almost taste the shots at the Rui Sante Fe already!

janicehoffer's picture

Looks like they had the 2nd chance drawing on the 9th bummer, got left out again.

tabbyjay's picture

Also looking for tickets either 7th 9th and 11th. Does anyone know the lineup or has anyone done the dinner tickets before? I know it says first come first serve but how many are available and do we need to start lining up the night before to guarantee a ticket? Also what is included in the dinner? Any help would be appreciated. Email me at

janicehoffer's picture

If they had the drawing already, they have not let anyone know ,,,, have not seen anything on the news side or event side.

mtmazz's picture

Assuming the second chance drawing is completed as of today 9/3? Three of us signed up for all 4 shows and got nothing in either drawing.
The Cabo trip is already booked, and I have two newbies with me this year who would love a chance to see a Sammy show. We'll be there for all four dates, so if anyone ends up with extra tickets or needs a guest or wants to sell etc. please let me know. Thanks

tracier096's picture

Did they do the 2nd chance drawing yet?

janicehoffer's picture

when did you get them---

tukamot's picture

You might enjoy the Riu Santa Fe, all included. I've been there before andI'm going again for the birthday bash!

tukamot's picture

Got my tickets and for the third time in my life I'll be rockin!

heatherannm10's picture

HI, not too sure how this all works, but we will be in Cabo for my moms BACHELORETTE PARTY!! She is a huge fan and would absolutely love the chance to be there for his birthday bash! We will have 4 lovely ladies that would need a ticket! Please email if you have a extra tickets! Thanks and hope to see you there! ;)

LeoArellano's picture

Did someone has 2 tickets for 10/11 or 10/13 will pay extra fee!!

LeoArellano's picture

You can also look for Solmar Resort or Sandos Finisterra at Cabo san Lucas

lakegirl's picture

Husband and I already have our Cabo trip booked for the 7th-14th, so if anyone has extra tickets, friends that can't go, etc., we have $$$. Please please email me at This show is on my husband's bucket list so I am doing everything I can to make this happen for him. Registered for all 4 shows but no luck.......

mark-matney's picture

1's picture

i have never been to Cabo = can you comment about where is best to stay? we are looking at the Grand Solmar but I heard there is construction going on there.'s picture

i am going! Never been to Cabo- any info is helpful. looking forward to meeting fans!

pfriend's picture

Like so many other Redheads, we got shut out this year. Trip to Cabo is already paid for, so wife and I are still going. If anybody has any extras for the 7th, 9th or 11th we will gladly meet you and pay for the wristbands. Our email is I know it's a long shot, but figured we'd ask. Thanks, Pat&Jane

marymj's picture

We tried for the 11th and 13th and got nothing. Have the hotel and air already and was sooo hoping to get at least one night. Staying at the if anyone is staying there and has tickets they wish to share...please please let us know. (Mary Johnson) Peace out! :)

MJofSLUT's picture

Ahhhh.... no tickets for us... tried for 10/7,10/9, and 10/11. We will be in town that week and would love to go! Hope we get a pair of returned tickets somehow??

small town girl's picture

Didn't get tickets saved up to go to Cabo for my 50th bday on 10/13 to celebrate with Sammy. Looking to buy 2 tickets for the 10/11 or 10/13 shows

CaboGirlRVD's picture

Didnt get tickets again this year. :(
We already have our flights and hotel booked so if anyone at sll has tickets to any show PLEASE contact me.
Its gonna be hard being in Cabo to see Sammy and not seeing Sammy. LOL

Gary-CynSoCalFans's picture

AWESOME!!!! Tickets for Us!!

dtelles's picture

I got mine. See you Cabo!!

kedement518's picture

WoHoo! Got our tickets! So excited! A Birthday celebration for my husband Jason and Sammy!

mark portell's picture

sad day in ole saint lou. NO TIX

Beavis's picture

Got my tickets for the show on the 11th. Whooo Hoooo!!!

Norine Holder's picture

wooo hooo!!!! Im Going!!!!

kbs7554's picture

Hey Gang,

I was looking and Joe Satriani is playing here in Canada 7,8,9,10,11 of Oct so looks like for the Foot fans they may be playing the Birthday Show on the 13th.


mark portell's picture

crossing my fingers, registered for the 11th & 13th. see everyone there!!!

Dale Gerstenkorn's picture

Need 4 tickets to oct.11 show and 4 tickets to oct. 13

Suestelle's picture

Can't wait for this. I am signing up for two days for 11th and 13th. Can't wait!

bella05's picture

I would like to finally make it to Cabo Wabo when Sammy is there to celebrate our Birthdays. We have enjoyed the Cabo Wabo for years and never have seen Sammy Live... Looking forward to it.

Sergii Kryshchenko's picture

I waiting for,because way from my country to you not so easy but ... Awaiting for you possibility to buy
And to see again not Chickenfoot but Sammy ,that much interesting ...

Sergii Kryshchenko's picture

I wanna buy two tickets and coming ...

Andie Mac's picture

Really, really want to attend!!!! Anxiously awaiting the process of ticket distribution...

Micheledb43's picture

Hoping to get two tickets to celebrate my birthday on the 11th!

matthews522's picture

Can't wait...met some of the band a few years back, but never went to "the show"! Hopefully this is the year!