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Mark Gallagher
June 11, 2010
San Diego, CA.
February 3

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Jun 26, 2014
Admin Need Clarification

Admin....We need clarification on the registration please as there seems to be two different views here on registration for the B Day Bash. Can a husband and wife each separately register for the same shows? I understand that if they both won tickets to the same show they would either have to take someone else with them or return one set. It seems there is some confusion here and it would be nice for clarification before the deadline to register is over. Thanks.

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Oct 25, 2013
Is There Another Option To Watch AXS TV If Your Cable Provider Does Not Offer Channel???

Hey Redheads!!!

Does anyone know if there is another option to watch AXS TV if you cable provider does not provide the channel. We have Cox cable down here in San Diego and they do not have this channel as an option. Was wondering if anyone knew if there was another way of getting channel, like maybe online?? Any suggestions are appreciated. If not I will have to hunt down someone who has the channel with another provider. Thanks.

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Aug 5, 2013
First Time to B Day Bash!

Me and wife scored tickets after trying for past couple of years. Coming from San Diego and staying at the Riu Santa Fe. Hope to see other Redheads there. Going to the Friday (11th) show. See you all FDIC. Can hardly wait.

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