B-Day Bash Night 3

October 18, 2013 by Beavis
B-Day Bash Night 3
Sammy & Mike

Finally got to Cabo to see Sammy. Have been wanting to do this trip for years. This year I finally entered the drawing and won 2 tickets for the 3rd show. Now that my luck has changed, I am going to start playing Mega Millions!! LOL

Anyway, the first time I saw Sammy was March 31, 1979 in Milwaukee, WI. Sammy opened for Boston at the Mecca Arena. Loved the show.

Since then I have seen him play with VH in Milwaukee at the Summer Fest Amphitheater and most recently in Toronto Canada and the Molson Canadian Amphitheater on August 27th. Kim Mitchell opened that show.

Sammy is the ultimate performer/singer-songwriter.

Keep touring Sammy, can't get enough of your music!!!

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Rock on!