Past Event

Oct 9 2013
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 2


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.



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 43 Redhead Comments

redrocker327's picture

I do not see where night one is listed for anybody to post pictures or videos or comments. I also haven't seen where any fellow redheads have posted much about night one or night two.

pootnanny's picture

Flying in tomorrow at 3:30. Cannot wait. See ya there red heads

bernik006's picture

are they going to be "live streaming" it this year???? please provide where???? Thanks....

mtmazz's picture

Just thought I'd try again. Looking to get 2 people into any of the shows. We signed up for the lotteries and got nothing.
I've been there dozens of times but have a friend coming with this time whose 50th birthday is this month and he & his wife would love to see a Sammy show. We'll probably take a shot at the dinner show tickets, but if anyone has any extra or wants to sell their second ticket etc please let us know.

Harleymomma08's picture

You can only purchase dinner tickets. Regular show tickets were all done by a lottery (which is now over). If your name was drawned on the lottery then your credit card was charged and you have to show up in Cabo and pick up your armband. If you got lucky and won the chance to buy 2 tickets then your guest has to be with you. The only thing available now are dinner tickets.

Hope that helps.

admiano's picture


Conna's picture

If you don't mind me asking how do you purchase tickets?

jseaman66's picture

As a huge Hagar fan, I have to disagree. Van Halen has its own identity and for me, Van Halen's new album was really good with Dave. Sammy Hagar is Sammy Hagar and does not need Van Halen. I love him without all that drama....let Dave and Eddie do their thing now while Sammy does his own thing - to me this is way more ideal

tinal073's picture

I would gladly buy your ticket from you if you can transfer it to my name...Tina Ling. it's my 40th birthday and my trip is already booked and I was shut out..I hope that I can help and would love to be able to go!

Kimwing's picture

I requested (2) tickets and just got an email today saying I won (1) ticket for the Oct 11th birthday bash. I can't travel out of the country by you know who I would contact about this?? I am not paying for (1) ticket

mtmazz's picture

Assuming the second chance drawing is completed as of today 9/3? Three of us signed up for all 4 shows and got nothing in either drawing.
The Cabo trip is already booked, and I have two newbies with me this year who would love a chance to see a Sammy show. We'll be there for all four dates, so if anyone ends up with extra tickets or needs a guest or wants to sell etc. please let me know. Thanks

mich2929's picture

So Excited- We have been to Cabo 10 times now, and finally get to see Sammy on the 9th!!!!! Can not wait!!!!! Here we come!!!!!

JONI's picture

Got tickets for 10/7!! So excited!! See all you redheads there!!!

Harleymomma08's picture

The ticket Gods were good to me! I get to see Sammy and the Wabo's on 10-9-13!! It's going to be a party!

bryang042's picture

Looking forward to a night of rocking with Sammy.... Hell Yeah !!

pfriend's picture

Like so many other Redheads, we got shut out this year. Trip to Cabo is already paid for, so wife and I are still going. If anybody has any extras for the 7th, 9th or 11th we will gladly meet you and pay for the wristbands. Our email is I know it's a long shot, but figured we'd ask. Thanks, Pat&Jane

Wncaligrl's picture

I have the same problem. Signed up for two tickets and only got one! Tried to call and email Iticketing with no response. Anyone else have the same problem....any way to get this resolved before the 15th when they do the second drawing?

Joroksu's picture

Im very saddened by the fact that I have wanted to see Sammy perform just one time in Cabo for the past 16years and wasnt selected for tickets to just one show. I couldnt afford this trip, however said to myself If I dont go this year I may never get to. So being broke in order to get a passport, accommodations and flights I thought would be well worth it in order to satisfy a dream of mine. Ive never had good luck and was hoping when I entered for tickets for Sammy's birthday bash that just maybe once luck would be on my side and once again Ive been let down. I know Cabo will be beautiful but it just won't be what I had imagined it to be for all these years. I guess asking for something to work in my favor for just once is too much. Everyone who received tickets, have a blast for me!!

MJofSLUT's picture

Ahhhh.... no tickets for us... tried for 10/7,10/9, and 10/11. We will be in town that week and would love to go! Hope we get a pair of returned tickets somehow??

CaboGirlRVD's picture

Didnt get tickets again this year. :(
We already have our flights and hotel booked so if anyone at sll has tickets to any show PLEASE contact me.
Its gnna be hard being in Cabo to see Sammy and not seeing Sammy. LOL

Gemlab's picture

Hi Sammy, see you in Cabo 10-09-13
Got tickets :-)

PSLove's picture

Yay!!!! I'm going!
Now! Where do I stay???

marymj's picture

Big time bummer! My husband I put in for 2 nights twice and didn't even get one set of tickets. :( Have the hotel and air already to go, too. Anyone want to share their tickets with us for the 11th or 13th, please let me know. Will buy you dinner, drinks and of course pay for our tickets! muah!

mark portell's picture

sad day in ole saint lou. NO TIX!!!!

ramithard's picture

Looks like I didn't make the cut....bummer..Myself and my Lady will still be there for the show...if anyone has two extra tickets, please contact me at ...We will meet you out front and go seperately to get the wristbands...We will pay for Tickets and buy you a couple Cocktails...Thanks Redheads...

soto44's picture

Got the confirmation, Cabo, 50th Birthday Oct 7, Sammy Hagar Oct 9 and lot's of Tequila. It Don't get any better than that!

trose123's picture

I have a problem and need to know who to contact regarding this issue I signed up for two tickets for Day two of the birthday bash and only received one ticket I don't know what happened but I really need two tickets. IS there any way you can refer me to who can help me with this problem. You can contact me at

Gemlab's picture

GoIng on 10-9 :-) got tickets :-)
See you there Sammy.

sanfran49's picture

I just got my tkts for the OCT 9TH show!!!
See ya there

Gemlab's picture

I will be in Cabo 10/7 to 10/16
Waiting to see if got tickets :-)

redrocker327's picture

Greg this really depends on what type of place you are looking for as in party central or just a nice place to stay at. If your looking for party central the recommendation is either of the RIU resorts. I can't really speak too much on the other side of the coin other than Hotel Finisterra. It was within walking distance of the Marina area, and downtown plus last but not least Cabo Wabo. The RIU places you really need to use transportation taxi is around $8 to $15, but there is also a local bus cheaper.

Wncaligrl's picture

Villa Del Arco is beautiful and close to everything!!!

gregl028's picture

Want to go to one of the shows, and have submitted my name for the drawing. If I do get picked, what is the best place to stay there? I have seen so many reviews about bad experiences with the hotels there that I just don't know what to think. Thanks in advance!!

kbs7554's picture

Hey Gang,

I was looking and Joe Satriani is playing here in Canada 7,8,9,10,11 of Oct so looks like for the Foot fans they may be playing the Birthday Show on the 13th.



is there any forum to trade tickets with people after the drawing? we have 4 people on this trip, and with the ability to only buy is mildly inconvenient if we can't all go the same night. figuring others will have this issue as well.

redrocker327's picture

There will be an announcement made when the links for the shows will be activated. They usually have a period of one week for fans to enter into the drawing. You will then have to wait for the drawing to be performed, and if your chosen you receive an e-mail notifying you that you have been chosen. This is how it will be for the general show tickets. If your not chosen you can try to get dinner/show combo tickets which are sold first come/first serve at the club. The announcement regarding when these go on sale usually happens after the drawings have happened.

ctabernethy's picture

Been wearing my Cabo Wabo Cantina shirt since I was there last in 2006! Gonna be there again Oct 6th - 13th with my girlfriend. Can't think of a better time to pop the question! How do I get my name in the drawing??

bikerbob_98's picture

So when is the drawing ....And how do we enter ???

LoriTMorris's picture

I have been a fan since Sammys Montrose Days. Will be in Cabo the 3rd through the 9th. Please please pick me ; )

seana008's picture

I hope I get tickets for this show, my flight arrives on Oct 4 and leaves on Oct 11. Hotel any everything already booked.

Please please please let me get tickets for this show!!

Barbara Turner's picture

would love to get two tickets we are in Carbo from Oct 4th until Oct 12.

Barbara Turner's picture

Was in Carbo last year and did not get tickets for the Birthday show. It is my husbans birthday also would love 2 tickets.
Roy and Barbara Turner

SarahAKent's picture

Van Halen was never Van Halen w/o YOU Sammy !!!! I've seen you numerous times in Dallas many years ago! Love ya! Will be in Cabo for my 24th Wedding Anniversary which is on 10/7 and sure hope to be a part of your BD BASH on 10/9!

Have a wonderful summer, Hope/Look forward to seeing and partying w/you soon!! *\/*.


Fellow Libra
Sarah Kent :D xoxo