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October 17, 2013 by Dawn LSG

WOW!!! First time at Sammy's Birthday Bash in Cabo... what a blast! We met so many great people. We are definitely going next year. We see Sammy when ever we can but the Birthday bash in Cabo hands down the BEST! :) Thank you Jeff, Cathy, Janet, David, Scott, Debbie, Grace and Jack for helping to make our first time there a great one!!! Love to you all.


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Deb Fowler's picture

Dawn I would love it if I was showing you all grandbaby pics in Cabo 2015. That sounds so far away.....ugh!!! It is gonna drive me crazy next year that we won't be in Cabo. We will be there with you all in spirit though and we will be back and ready to party in 2015. When you get your facebook set up, look me up and send a friend request. The link to my facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/debbie.fowler.313
We are really missing Cabo. It's cold here....brrrr!

Dawn LSG's picture

Hey Deb, I have not set up my face book page yet.... I will tonight, I want to put some pictures up.
I'm hoping that for the 2015 trip you'll be showing grandbaby pictures :)

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It was our pleasure Dawn. You and Mark are great! Already sad about the fact we have to miss next year. Hey.....couldn't find you on Facebook. Do you have it set up?

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It was our pleasure Dawn, just remember next year. Book your trip for a longer stay and hope you win tickets. If you don't get tixs, at least you have a week to party with lots of other Redheads at the pool bar.Tell Mark we had a blast!!!

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