Past Event

Oct 13 2013
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 4


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 9:30PM.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the credit card MUST be the person who shows up at the door to claim their tickets. 

Dinner Show Ticket Information

  • Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person
  • Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.
  • If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.
  • Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
  • Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
    October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
    October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
  • 2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!



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 76 Redhead Comments

peniuns's picture

I need four tickets. We traveld down for my partners wedding. I know no one give a crap about that but it means alot to us. We tried the doors and were turned away. If anyone is not going I ask you please let me but your tickets.

Hey Sammy, if your listening it would be the best gift a guy could give his best friend for his wedding.

peniuns's picture

I need tickets for tonight show. Anyone please. I am in Cabo

mark portell's picture

headed to the airport, got dinner tix for 10/13 show (thanks Aaron)see everyone there !!! FDIC

callbob1800's picture


kensa36's picture

we would love to tix available...bummer..just have to wait til Sammy comes back to Vegas....happy birthday, Sammy...

Handsup70's picture

I have one ticket for this show already I need one more!

Handsup70's picture

Hello again,

I'm still looking to purchase 1 ticket if ANYBODY has a spare!! Please let me know!

loraleebiz's picture

I am interested. Do you still have them? Are you sure they are transferable?

loraleebiz's picture

Looking for 2 tix on the 13th, arriving the 11th. More Sammy the better!

bigmanrog1's picture

I have two tickets for the October 13th show that I won in Tahoe. Unfortunately I cannot afford the flight so if there is a Redhead that can get us there we are in. Let me know at thx

mtmazz's picture

Just thought I'd try again. Looking to get 2 people into any of the shows. We signed up for the lotteries and got nothing.
I've been there dozens of times but have a friend coming with this time whose 50th birthday is this month and he & his wife would love to see a Sammy show. We'll probably take a shot at the dinner show tickets, but if anyone has any extra or wants to sell their second ticket etc please let us know.

cabowaborita5150's picture

They should also do one that says "Who is going to Cabo but got screwed out of tickets"

Handsup70's picture


My girlfriend won "a ticket" for the original drawing for the Oct 13 th show. She wanted 2 and didn't know she had to hit the drop down box as she "assumed" tickets were sold in sets. We're going to be there that week of course but 1 ticket isn't going to cut it for us, can you help us out? She wanted 2 and was only issued the 1. Please contact me at handsup70@gmail if you can help us straighten this out.

If not, ANY OF YOU REDHEADS that might have a spare ticket the day of the show I will gladly buy it from you when you go to pick up your tickets!! Please contact me if you or anyone you know has a spare!!


janicehoffer's picture

Well looks like they did the drawing on the 9th----lost out again Bummer

Redd Rocker's picture

Can we please find out when the second chance drawing is? I am leaving for Cabo on 10/7. I would like to know how much money I will have in my account. Considering if you are picked, you automatically buy tickets. Can we please get a date? We are less than a month out! Thank you

redrocker327's picture

Tina just a word of caution regarding "buying tickets". You can not buy tickets in the plural sense from anyone. If you happen to find two people who have two tickets and really only needed one then it could work. You would have to be the guest of one and your husband the guest of the other. The person whom the tickets were originally intended for must be at the venue along with you and same for your husband. The way it will work is the person who made the purchase will be verified and then a wristband will be placed on them followed by the guest for the other one. This does not work like most shows where there are actual tickets in this case a ticket equates to a wristband.

loveCabo's picture

HI, Can anyone let me know if the second chance drawing has taken place?
I'm brining my sister down for her birthday and am really hoping to get two tickets to the Sunday bash!!
If anyone has a ticket or two that they won't be using for Sunday please let me know. would love to celebrate her birthday and Sammy's birthday at the Wabo!!!


tinal073's picture

I would love to figure out a way to purchase your tickets from you! My husband and I are going for my 40th birthday and we got shut out, the trip is name is Tina Ling and my email is I would love to try and figure something out if you haven't already. Thanks Renee!

mtmazz's picture

Assuming the second chance drawing is completed as of today 9/3? Three of us signed up for all 4 shows and got nothing in either drawing.
The Cabo trip is already booked, and I have two newbies with me this year who would love a chance to see a Sammy show. We'll be there for all four dates, so if anyone ends up with extra tickets or needs a guest or wants to sell etc. please let me know. Thanks

kvilla3569's picture

I have not received a confirmation yet, however the 1st ticket drawing was done 2 days after the cut-off date to register. that being said, today might be the day they have the drawing, notifications might be going out tomorrow.....if they do it the same.

janicehoffer's picture

what did the reply say

ruthm048's picture

I got a reply, however no news on weather or not the drawing has taken place!

janicehoffer's picture

has anyone got confirmation yet? for second chance drawing.

janicehoffer's picture

just got comfirmation , I am eligible for tickets the drawing will be held after the 27th god I am praying

reneer031's picture

I have two tickets for the 10/13 show, but my husband and I are unable to attend. If your name is Aaron Riley, or if you know someone named Aaron Riley that wants these tickets, email me at and we'll make a deal.

heatherannm10's picture

HI, not too sure how this all works, but we will be in Cabo for my moms BACHELORETTE PARTY!! She is a huge fan and would absolutely love the chance to be there for his birthday bash! We will have 4 lovely ladies that would need a ticket! Please email if you have a extra tickets! Thanks and hope to see you there! ;)

heatherannm10's picture

HI, not too sure how this all works, but we will be in Cabo for my moms BACHELORETTE PARTY!! She is a huge fan and would absolutely love the chance to be there for his birthday bash! We will have 4 lovely ladies that would need a ticket! Please email if you have a extra tickets! Thanks and hope to see you there! ;)

janicehoffer's picture

Just received news from red rocker webmaster:

Will let everyone know as soon as the information for returns has processed

dinov4's picture

Sammy is one of my all time favorites. We didn't get tickets and looking for 2 tickets for the Sunday Oct. 13th show. If anyone is willing to sell tickets or wait in line for dinner show tickets, i will pay a premium $$$. We will arrive around 1:00 pm on Oct 13th in cabo and can exchange then. Please email at if you can help us out. See you in cabo and Sammy rocks!

leonardop84's picture


ruthm048's picture

Does anyone know when the 2nd chance tix are??
Super exited about the trip!!

songbuff's picture

What time to people usually start lining up to get into the birthday bash show? I see doors open at 7:30...but I've blocked off the entire day in case it's wise to get there super early.

bubbaloo's picture

Was at his birthday bash in 1996 and was on bucket list to experience it again. Going to the Sunday show... stoked!!

Roger Evans's picture

Need Tickets for any of the shows on the 9th, 11th, 13th. Have a hotel booked and need tickets. Email me at

Mickeym00's picture

Hi Everybody:) We also did not get tickets, we will be in Cabo on the 13th so if anyone has tickets for that show they would like to sell, we would be hpapy to meet you/pay for them etc...OR - if anyone knows of someone who will be in Cabo and would be willing to stand in line for me on the 10th at NOON to get tickets for the dinner show on the 13th, I would pay a sizeable "appreciation" fee:) My email is: Please let me know! m

lakegirl's picture

Husband and I already have our Cabo trip booked for the 7th-14th, so if anyone has extra tickets, friends that can't go, etc., we have $$$. Please please email me at This show is on my husband's bucket list so I am doing everything I can to make this happen for him. Registered for all 4 shows but no luck.......

pascual1963's picture

What's another way to buy tickets if I missed the registration cut off for birthday party on 10/13

thomasl011's picture

alot of planning to get shut out! i'd rather wait on line with a buzz on than this comfy computer stuff! see you in cabo!

Munas2323's picture

2 years running and no tickets again . We will be there 12th-19th. So only had a shot on Birthday tix. :( Looks like my alcohol budget just got bigger :)

CaboGirlRVD's picture

Didnt get tickets again this year. :(
We already have our flights and hotel booked so if anyone at sll has tickets to any show PLEASE contact me.
Its gonna be hard being in Cabo to see Sammy and not seeing Sammy. LOL

Cabogirl731's picture

Sooooo excited!! Missed out on any shows last year and actually didn't get drawn this either but my Mom did. We got tickets for his actual birthday show and this will be Mom's first Sammy show ever (and mine for birthday night..seen him many times just never on his actual birthday). Ecstatic to be sharing this with her. Can't wait to see everyone there! Mas Tequila Redheads!! See you all in Cabo!!

bradyhicks's picture

How do you get a shot at the second chance tickets????

jclawest2022's picture

Just found out we got tkts for 8/9....HAPPY BDAY TO ME!!!! Can't wait!

turmack06's picture

So excited! I got 2 tickets for the Sunday night show!!! Great way to finish off my 50th birthday year!!

uprightbass's picture

August 2nd and still holding my breath. No email yet. Can I register for the second drawing? Registration still seems to be open.

mark portell's picture

sad day in ole saint lou. NO TIX !!!!

larry the bartender's picture

Lucked out and scored tixs, who knows the ins & outs in cobo and where to stay. I don't think Sammy will let me crash @ his pad.

rcclassicchevy's picture

I'm there, Scored Two Tickets!!!!

songbuff's picture

We got two tix for Sammy's Bash on the 13th!!!'s picture

If your birthday is the same as Sammy's - Oct 13 - you can get into that show on Oct 13 free. At least that is how it has worked in the past. Just you though - no one can go in with you. You have to show your driver's license to prove it is your birthday. Have fun!