Past Event

Sep 17 2011
Columbus, OH


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Click here for details on how to win!


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172 Redhead Comments

cosmiccowboy's picture

Great show Sammy, I've been to all of your shows in this area (OHIO) since 1982. I've never been disappointed.... this one a "Nine on a Ten Scale" :)>

dawnm075's picture

Awesome show! Thank you so much to Sammy for the on-stage tickets! You are an amazing musician and I admire you for everything you do for your fans! Your love for what you do is so inspiring and contagious! Keep rockin!

mialtayl's picture

absolutely amazing show.... all 3 bands were great... the first 3 songs knocked me on my ass and it was like that thwe rest of the show... the band just gets better and better every year....

shrek5150's picture

Wife and I had a blast in Columbus. Had no voice next day, well worth it!! Keep rockin Sammy lookin forward to the Foot shows!!!

gregt035's picture

it was an ok show,

thomash032's picture

Congrats to all the winners. Well see you tonight.

russellm052's picture

Jeff and Barbara got you covered tickets should be there about 12:00-1:00 enjoy the show hope to see you at pre party. Anyone else wants some give me a call 330-883-7371 and will try to get them to you

rodw023's picture

Fellow Redheads,
I hope to make it to the pre-party before everyone heads over to the show, babysitter can't be there until 5pm, anyone know what time the will call office will close?
Can't decide on a Cabo shirt or Red Chickenhead shirt?

Red Ricker's picture

Checked with the Front Street Tavern - no Cabo behind the bar! So, bring your own tequila I guess... "In a bota bag" maybe...
Sounds like most of us can get there around 4 - I gotta drop two young ones off to the "overnight baby sitter" but should be there on time - so let's grab a table close to the entrance. If everyone is as cool as we seem in this blog, we should have no problem latching up with each other. ***I think it's great we're all partying before we get on stage together. Should make for a great night!***

irishlad's picture

hey man today is my birthday and i was trying to get two tickets to the show, cause my aunt and uncle are going. my name is Jeff Fultz and it would rock russelim052 if you could get me in.

Kevin B's picture

Hey everyone, just a reminder. Preparty still at old Frog Bear Bar now called 343 Front Street Tavern at 4:00-6:00.

Somebody repost this again tomorrow afternoon for any late check-ins!

Stage Party starts in 24:00!!!!

cbus redhead's picture

thanks, Russell! need 4 tickets. please leave for Barbara. i'll pick them up at the Drury Inn tomorrow. thanks!! Looking forward to it!

ctriway71's picture

Pre Party? When and where?

lovesummers's picture

My friend is flying in from Alabama to be on stage with me.

lovesummers's picture


russellm052's picture

I've got extra tickets to the show in columbus just give me your name and how many you want and I will leave them at the desk of Drury Inn next to nationwide arena. I see theres a pre party I should be there and will have the tickets just yell out is Russell here

cbus redhead's picture

praying tickets are still available! 4 for Barbara?? I'll pick them up anywhere in cbus. thx!

cbus redhead's picture

just found out my trip was cancelled for tomorrow, is there still last minute access to tickets?? dieing to go!!

Xtreme2345's picture

I am so freakin stoked, i was supposed to goto my 20 year class reunion, but my girfriend surprised me with these tickets.. Im ready to party and enjoy great music.. See you all there.. Peace!!

brownieou812's picture

I think everyone that I sent tickets to received them! If not, Let me know and I will leave some at the front desk of the Crowne Plaza (down the street from arena) for you to pick up!! Let me know if you need to use this option!! I will unfortunately miss the pre party due to pee wee football but am looking forward to the post party wherever that ends up!! Hope everyone has a Redrockin good time in Cbus tomorrow night!!

Cabobound55's picture

I will try to make it to the preparty sounds fun!!! tomorrow is the day!! Ill be the guy covered in tattoos!!!

BogusOtis's picture

Any oldtime Redheads going to be there from the shml?
I'm coming from Indy. Ohio girls get ready for Bogus :)
Hopefully I will get to see Big K, it's been too many years.
I can't believe it's been over 2 yrs since I've seen the Man.
I miss all my Cabo buddies.
Email me if you wanna meet up.

Hagar Hippie's picture

That's a long haul for a concert Bo...but then again, its Sammy Hagar! I have an extra ticket if anybody needs one!

Big Bo's picture

we are coming from peoria

me's picture

awesome...gonna try to make it to the pre-party....if we make it in time...coming from the Springfield, IL area....ready to rock...

Hagar Hippie's picture

I have loved Sammy's music for years, going all the way back to his Montrose days. I had a few opportunities to see him live but something always came up and I ended up selling my tickets. Not this time! The way I feel is that my time to see the Red Rocker is "RIGHT NOW...Hey, there's no tommorow"...I'm definitely gonna catch this magic moment friends! Oh, and I love 3 Doors Down too. God what a kiss ass time this is gonna be. I'm 44 but I aint dead. Still kicken and of course, STILL ROCKEN! See you all there!

Kevin M.
Findlay, OH

p.mcdonald38's picture

In 48 hrs we all shall be Happy.In the video Long rd. to Cabo" I would do it for free",Well this will be my second Sammy Show that tix's are free."I have the best fans in the World"I had some REDHEADS reach out and help me.Those are some great fans.I've watched the dvd probably enough to be considered with a problem.Ya,I can't get enough .Even my wife is getting into this and she always says grow up your not a teen any more.Thanks for who you are Sammy, you make all of our lives a lot better.Have a great time on 9/17 I'm going too."That's What I'm talking About"

Kevin B's picture

OK here's a plan...
Just show up, and get a drink. Then everytime you take a sip, raise your glass high in the air and yell MAS TEQUILLA!!!
That should be a good enough signal for anyone else in the bar to find the group.
See everyone there!!!

Big Bo's picture

driving 7 hours from peoria il. can't wait till morning party time ;)

sssports's picture

I am wondering the same thing

JOANNEB075's picture

driving from Charlotte, NC..can't wait see you all there!
JoAnne & Bob

cabowaborita5150's picture

I will be getting there sometime around 3:30-4 & I'll be wearing a baseball hat that will be very easy to tell me apart from everyone else.

Carolwise's picture

OK, but here is problem, I think I can pick out Gina, Jill and Patrick but many of you do not have your pics up so hopefully you all can find us???? Would tell you what I will be wearing but really have no clue yet! LOL SO STOKED!!!!

Red Ricker's picture

Yeah, it's this Saturday.

cabowaborita5150's picture

I'm looking forward to seeing and meeting all my fellow REDheads at the show on Saturday, my name is Jason and using a line from Kid Rock "GOD BLESS SATURDAY!!".

Btw, is it Saturday night yet?

Red Ricker's picture

4 at Front Street Tavern it is!!! You all seem to be a great group of fans - I'm pumped to meet you all! If directions for the "on-stage winners" is still needed, let me know and I will email them to you.

Ready to paint it RED,

Carolwise's picture

Hey everyone, Preparty still at old Frog Bear Bar now called 343 Front Street Tavern but its been moved up to 4. The local radio station has prizes and stuff

Again, 4-6

Carolwise's picture

Yes, you should have gotten something. I got my stage instructions emailed to me Sunday or Monday

lovesummers's picture

Kevin, I am on stage and got my instructions via e-mail. I am not sure how the other tickets were notified. You might check your junk folder. IS IT SATURDAY YET???? CAN'T WAIT!

Kevin B's picture

I haven't received instructions yet! Please advise. I can't wait to party with Gina, Jill, Rick, Carol and of course Sammy and Los Wabos!

Is it Saturday yet?

Carolwise's picture

343 Front Street Tavern, starting at 5:00, right in front of Arena main entrance

dawnm075's picture

I would love to meet up with all of you! My name is Dawn and coming from Saint Louis! Cannot wait to be onstage with everyone!!!

brendaSTL's picture


Carolwise's picture

Heads up to everyone, This is a 21 and over only concert because its Miller Lite. One of the members was bringing his 9 year old and was told he couldnt.

rickm050's picture

my daughter and i will be there.can't wait till saturday

Carolwise's picture

I think we should all meet at 343 Front Street Tavern (thinks it was orig. Frog Boar), its right in front of main entrance to arena and the local rock station is having a sammy preparty with prizes from 5-7. I know that I have met a couple redheads thru this and FB named Jill, Gina. Marcia and Patrick. Jill, Gina and me on stage, who else would like to join us and meet fellow redheads?

My name is Carol Wise by the way!! LOL

me's picture

Is it Saturday yet???

me's picture

Is it Saturday yet???

dawnm075's picture

Got mine also!! Cannot wait!! Looking forward to meeting everyone! Any ideas on where everyone is meeting prior to the concert?????

jillby unboxed's picture

OMG!!!!! jus red the e-mail!!! Kinda cool we have reserved seats for 3 Doors Down!!!

Anybody win "back stage passes" yet????