Past Event

Sep 14 2011


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.



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 31 Redhead Comments

gongaware3's picture

Thanks Sammy for a great night, You rocker our asses off. Play list was great, Love the hits. Come see us again and this time bring the Foot.

mikwolly's picture

This was my first time seeing Sammy live and he far exceeded my expectations. He sounds exactly like he does on his CD's, which is so hard to find. I sure hope he comes back to Washington soon. I can't wait to see him again! The Wabos are also awesome! Rock on!

scott-and-carole's picture

was our first sammy concert! been big fans for years,woun't be the last! would love to go to cabo or at least vegas and check out the club. concert at the fair was incrediable,full of energy,150% for a full 2 hr's!!! thanks to the couple who just gave us there down front tickets, hoping they know how thankful we are for an outstanding expierence! thanks sammy,you were awesome,thanks for come to the northwest!!!

dkapla's picture

Best show ive seen in years!!! Still rockin! Good for you man!!!

tammys016's picture

I am going hope to see ya all there!

tammys016's picture

I am going hope to see ya all there!

simnichols's picture

Taking my niece Mimi to her first Sammy experience...
She cant wait...
Sammy Kicks F**king Ass!!!
Gimme RED...

redrockerfan66's picture

Ive been a Sammy fan ever since the New Years Eve concert in 1980.Took my daughter to see Sammy and the Wabo's when she was 5.She got a high five from him and her Red Rocker car signed.She is 17 now and we are going to go see him in Puyallup.We are excited!!!!

stephaniep033's picture

I can't believe I won backstage passes. I never win anything. Now I have to decide who to take with me, my husband or my daughter. This is so kick ass.

ctcabo's picture

Hells yeah!! See you soon chica! :)

michelle1way2rk's picture

Good luck to all the REDheads in the drawing for backstage pass!!! I am SO REDy for this show. Sammy in my backyard, YAY!!!
See y'all in Puyallup,

gongaware3's picture

All set- We've got our tickets, our map, and our hotel reservations. So Sammy and all of the other REDHEADS, We will see you in two weeks. Thanks for coming to the North West!!! G3

concertluvr's picture

I have been a Sammy fan since I first saw him open up for Boston at the Seattle Collesium in 1978 when I was a Junior in High School. Was up onstage with him a few years ago at the Gorge when he toured with David Lee Roth. Looking forward to the Puyallup Fair in a couple of weeks! Good times!!!

dlamsek's picture

My wife got me an on-stage ticket as an early Christmas gift. Been a Redhead since I started listening to music, and went to Cabo in 2008 for the B-day bash. Can't wait to meet The Man, Himself! I love that Sammy truly appreciates his fans, unlike some "rock stars"... See y'all at the Fair!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait...

Caboraybo's picture

YAY !! Sammy &The Wabos In Seattle
I Grew Up In Chicabo Moved Here In 2002 Have Seen Sammy Over A 150 times All Over The US & Cabo.. Are We Havin Any Fun Yet ?
Can't Wait To PARTY With All My RED Buds
Thanks Again For Doing A Show Up Here

Mucho Love

scubadiver's picture

My wife and I are coming from Alaska for the the show, I cant wait to finally see Sammy and the Wabos.

batgrl2u's picture

SOOOO happy you're coming to Puyallup this year!!! I inherited my love of your music from my father. I can't even BEGIN to remember how many times my sister and I used to rock out and air guitar to "I can't drive 55" when we were little. You've always been a staple in our family. My Mom and Dad hung out with you in Cabo, before it became what it is today, and before Cabo Wabo. Now, I'm taking my 10 year old son to his first ever concert, and of COURSE it has to be to see the Red Rocker!!!! We had to save up for them so now all the good tix are taken, gonna be up in the nose bleeds, but his momma just may have to brave the security guards, kick it into linebacker mode, just to get him up front for just a SECOND to see you up close and in action!!! Oh the things a mother will do for her son. You ROCK Sammy, and you will ALWAYS be a Buckley Family Tradition!!!
All our love

pjbirchenough's picture

Hey guys, looks like I'm actually going to be in town for a two conferences that week, coming in from St Louis...if anyone has an on-stage ticket they cant use i will buy it from you.

jcbryant's picture

I've loved Sammy ever since I saw him New Year's Eve 1980 at the Seattle Center Coliseum (now Key Arena), when Loverboy opened for him. He was the most awesome, amazing specimen I'd ever seen, running up, down, and around the lighting ramps. Have loved him ever since. Can't believe he's coming to Puyallup. Hope he plays some of his new Chickenfoot!

debrac066's picture

so glad sammy will be in my back yard,can't wait to see him here and in cabo for bday on redheads ; )

gongaware3's picture

I first saw Sammy in 1975 and hope this is not the last time to see him. Going to drive 150 miles to see the show, having the Redrocker in the Pac NW is going to be great. glad to see so many Redheads lining up. See you there!!!!! G3

davejepsen's picture

I grew up in Arcadia as well, graduated 1975. Mike lived up the street, and I saw his band Snake play many times. Always knew he had something special going on.

davejepsen's picture

Sammy and the Wabos at the Fair !!!!!!!!!!!!

Chickenfoot new cd 2 weeks later !!!!!!!!!!!!

September is going to be the best month of the year, no doubt!

Deegrl64's picture

We can't wait My husbands is a huge fan we love sammy and remember in Puyallup throw in some old stuff too please Please like from the montrose days and standing hampton my favorite well all sammy music is great,and sammy never needed Dam van halen. lol but do love the music he made with them. getting so excited. fans forever. Denise&Rich and another dream goes up in smoke he he

annamariet044's picture

We cannot wait!!!!! Love you Sammy

jodiandpaul's picture

I have been waiting to see Sammy for 25+ yrs and have all the albums and now CD's I would be in heaven to be able to see Sammy win a pass backstage would be an honor and a life time dream!

cruz2u's picture

Hey me and my 16 year old daughter Haley and my 9 year old son Cruz will be there at Puyallup Wa they are both fans hoping to win back stage passes, I also a big fan Grew up in Arcadia Ca with Mike and Bob Sibolecki mutual friends I know you know who I am talking about. Any how will be there regardless can't wait.

ratnosecat's picture

Hi! How much are you selling them for? Thx

jefft068's picture

On stage tix look to be the best ticket and yes interaction and a cocktail or two. Saw Sammy at the Paramont several yrs ago and it looked like a blast on stage. Now that I've up-graded to the "On Stage" tix I now have 3 tix for the 8th row for the Puyallop 2011 show up for grabs.

jonnycoke's picture

Cindy and/or Joey,
Sammy usually has some room on stage set aside for peeps to stand and enjoy being on stage with him. He has multiple interactions with these peeps during the show, sometimes even sharing a Waborita or two. It is usually a standing room kinda thing.
If you want to get REAL up-close and be a part of the show,then yes, these are the best "seats".

cindyandjoey's picture

I am new to this. Can someone help. I see that you can buy onstage tickets for $200 each. What are these tickets, and are these the best tickets?