Past Event


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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 37 Redhead Comments's picture

Took My wife Shannon to see the Green Rocker

Kenike1969's picture

I will NEVER forget the date 9-10-11! Awesome concert.......every summer in Tahoe we go! Summer would not be summer without seeing Sammy in Tahoe every year! Don't ever stop rockin', dude! You are the best there is!'s picture

Shannon and George flew from Naples fl to see you Sammy

mark-matney's picture

Awesome show, a little too cold, and a packed cabo tahoe!!!

Captain Ron's picture

Great show, the rain held off. My friend and I stocked up on margaritas before the show. He had never seen Sammy live before, and was blown away by the performance. The show kicked off our weeklong vacation camping trip in the Nevada desert. What a way to start vacation!

dawnd039's picture

Does anyone know what Dugie was throwing out from Monas' side of the stage?

Kathyjoy's picture

Great show Sammy and looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Glen Ellen fir the BR Cohn Music Festival:)

bernik006's picture

Had a Blast As Usual!!! GREAT SHOW!! GREAT TIME!!!

steves069's picture

Like everyone here I've seen Sammy so many times I can't remember but I have to say this Tahoe show was one of the best. Sammy looks great, sounds great, he looks like he may have even lost a few pounds. In between songs talking to the crowd, it was like he was talking to each person there one on one.
The night was beautiful, the crowd was great, the song choices he did were perfect and the Wabos rocked as always.
Thanks Sammy for all the years you are the best !!!

kindbud's picture

Thank god the rain stopped b 4 the show. Sammy rocked as always. missed partying with all my redhead friends who could not make it. see you next time around.

Shelbylover's picture

The show was great!!!!! Found out 15 min before the show was to start that my dad scored free VIP tix. We were on the road in 10. Missed the first couple songs. Does anyone have a song list??

Izzy Cones's picture

The show was well worth the drive up from San Diego to see. Now I need to go to Cabo.

jdbarker's picture

Sammy! You were awesome last night...played all my old favorites! Thank you!!!!!

hairfarmer's picture

Always a pleasure Sammy!

Elliott's picture

You're welcome, baby! (Pezfreak)

PEZfreak's picture

Just a couple hours away from our on stage orientation!! So excited to see Sammy from on the stage (totally not bragging, just usually too short to see him over the crowds of people at the other shows I've been to!!). TY Hubby for the most excellent bday gift! <3

h20dawgs's picture

soooo looking forward to tonights show!!! it will be my wifes first time seeing sammy, and my 6th (first outdoor) cabo tahoe show!!!

Kenike1969's picture

Well, I am bummed!! Why so many backstage passes given away for the 9/17 show, but only 1 won for Tahoe, Sammy?? Whaaaaaaaa! I had faith..............oh well, I will be pushing my way to the front on Saturday night to give you 1 red rose, Sammy!!! Love ya!!!

aaronvillegas's picture

YO!My best friend and I are going camping near Murphy's and literally can not sleep due to excitement for Friday's show!!!! Gonna get HammRED! And to compliment that show we're seeing Queensryche on Saturday in Chico at the Senator! See you Friday night!

fsvrbl's picture

My girlfriend got these tickets for my birthday and i cant wait to party with her and the redheads....This is her first sammmy concert..we are going to party thats for sure..Sammy kicks ass!!!

CGull0430's picture

I am so excited about the concert. I am coming from St. Louis. I am bringing my sister for her first Sammy concert.

Kathyjoy's picture

Thank you Sammy and Red Rocker, I can't wait to meet you backstage Saturday night in Tahoe! I never win anything and now I won the best...this is just awesome! :)

Outsider4life's picture

We will be there 4 sure!! Looking forward to a great time and the after party!!! Sammy4life!!

Krakensole's picture

Should be a blast for my 10-13!! WOO HOO

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BenCh's picture

Just scored my ticket! I'm in...I can't wait to party with my Redhead family!

hagarox's picture

16 days til it's 8:05!!! We're ready to rock out again.

Kenike1969's picture

How do we enter for the BACKSTAGE PASSES???? Anyone??????

Kenike1969's picture

36 days and counting......................WOW! Cannot wait to see ya again Sammy!!!

tammyz005's picture

Can't wait for my first Tahoe experience and my 10th on-stage concert! Woo Frickin Hoo!!!!!! Tahoe looks so beautiful and then to be with Redhead Family and Sammy and Wabos playing...too awesome for words!!!! I am so ready to party and rock out with Sammy Wabos and redheads!!! Mas Tequila

DJ Dave's picture

Is Joe Satriani opening for the Tahoe show also?? Joe is opening in Murphys the night before...hmmm

Kenike1969's picture

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT FRICKIN' WAIT!!!! WE LOVE YA, SAMMY!!! How in the heck do we enter to win for the backstage tickets??? Anyone??

kindbud's picture

Here we go again Face down in tahoe 2011 part two

Heatseeker's picture

Hoping to score some tix to this one. Can't afford stage tix :(.Tried this morning to score some GA Ironstone tix...what a joke. They were on Stub Hub 2 minutes after the sale started for twice the price!

stringtownfire's picture

Sweet!!!!! Got my onstage tickets for Tahoe. This year I will be there broken foot or not . Get ready to party REDHEADS! See you in Sept

stringtownfire's picture

Sweet!!!!! Got my onstage tickets for Tahoe. This year I will be there broken foot or not . Get ready to party REDHEADS! See you in Sept