Lake Tahoe 9-10-11

September 12, 2011 by Mandy Buck

We were at the show on Saturday, Sammy and the Wabos rocked!!! We were very fortunate to have on stage tickets. Sammy signed my book and rubbed my hair everyone thought that was great he probably touched my hair because its like his blond and natural curly, he also signed my husbands on stage pass and shook our hands, he gave my husband a special signal hand shake, I keep telling my husband we were touched by an angel we are from the city in Texas where all the wildfires were 36,000 acres of Pine trees burned and 1500 homes, we found out today our house and property was spared one out of three on our road. We also met Aaron at the Cantina earlier the day of the show at Cabo Wabo he was very cool. Thanks Sammy and the Wabos and Aaron for a great experience. Mandy Buck

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